01 Mar Juliet Starrett – The High Performance Life Of A CEO, Mom, And Athlete

(#199) Juliet Starrett returns to the podcast to discuss her high performance lifestyle and how she balances life as a CEO, athlete, wife and mother of two.

In this session, we dive into Juliet’s own approach to training, her background as an athlete, her approaches to business and life, and so much more in this high-energy and rapid-fire interview session.

She’s been called “a killer business woman and the nicest person in the world.” In short, she’s pretty amazing and has a lot to share. The goal with this session was to really dig into what makes her so successful as an athlete, business person, wife and mom.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week:

  • Hear about her amazing recent experiences in Hawaii with XPTLife
  • Her thoughts in an “ice bath” with Tim Ferriss and Amelia Boone
  • What she learned about the strategies from the XPTLife experience
  • Hear how her background as an athlete has evolved through the years
  • How she and Kelly co-founded CrossFit San Francisco
  • What her specific training focus is right now (what program she’s doing)
  • Simple advice for parents to encourage their kids to train
  • The #1 thing we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids
  • Key advice about kids and sports (parents should hear this)
  • An brief update on the mission of StandUpKids
  • How to make a difference (if you want to get involved in StandUpKids)
  • What she says is the biggest problem in the fitness industry
  • How to sort through all the “noise” in fitness
  • What she says is most important for long term training success
  • Why “suffering” is not the best approach
  • What’s NEW with MobilityWOD
  • Where to start when you go to MWOD
  • What she thinks about “balance” in life?
  • Why meditating hasn’t worked out for her – and what she does instead
  • What she likes to do to “chill out” and relax
  • Juliet shares her Daily Readiness Assessment practice
  • Why she’s not a fan of technology
  • What her morning routines look like
  • How she describes Kelly
  • Her favorite book of all-time!
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Here’s a shot of me working from home at my stand up desk. Juliet and Kelly’s work with their great book “Deskbound” made a huge impact in how I think about the hazards of “static postures.” The stand up desk was an investment I wanted to make as I considered how much time I was spending in sitting when doing computer work. It’s not all about the stand up desk (that’s just a part of the equation), it’s about movement and dynamic position changes. “Deskbound” is a game-changer.


1) Did I get 7.5 hours of sleep?

2) What is my mood on a scale of 1 to 10?

3) What is my desire to train today?

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