29 Mar Dr. Aaron Horschig – The Squat Bible, How To Master The Squat

(#203) Dr. Aaron Horschig, author of the new book “The Squat Bible,” is the featured guest this week discussing the most debated movement on the planet – the squat.

Aaron is a physical therapist, strength coach, strength athlete, and creator of Squat University – a growing educational website teaching principles of human movement and performance.

This is a phenomenal interview with practical, actionable advice for every listener.

I’m very excited to share this great session with you as The Squat Bible is on the verge of release! I’m looking forward to the new book and know you’ll be as excited about it as I am.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week:

  • How Aaron got started in physical therapy
  • How he sees the evolution of the physical therapist and strength coach
  • How Squat University came to be
  • The deep squat test – how to use and assess the ankle
  • What exactly is the Squat Bible?
  • Why the Squat Bible “bridges gaps” in the literature
  • Key considerations in low-bar vs. high-bar squats
  • The description of a “perfect squat”
  • What is the biggest fault in squat mechanics
  • An example of the ankle assessment – and how to fix ankle issues
  • The first thing he does to assess the squat
  • The 5 essentials for a solid bodyweight squat movement
  • Who comes to mind when he thinks of a perfect squat?
  • Specific actionable closing advice – and a challenge!
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