05 Apr Max Aita – What We Can Learn From The Bulgarian Method

(#204) Max Aita, Head Coach at Juggernaut Training Systems, joins the show to discuss his key learnings from his personal experiences with legendary Bulgarian Weightlifting coach, Ivan Abadjiev (who recently passed away at the age of 85).

Max is truly a wealth of knowledge and in this session, he brings insights you won’t get from anyone else about the key principles of training and performance. This

Max is a highly accomplished coach, athlete, weightlifter, and powerlifter who shares incredible knowledge and ideas discussing what we can all learn from the infamous Bulgarian Training Method.

Here’s what you learn in this week’s incredible interview:

  • What separates great coaches from all the rest
  • The key things he learned from his direct experiences with Ivan Abadjiev
  • Why the Bulgarian Training Method isn’t really a method
  • The 2 most important training principles on which the system was built
  • What doesn’t work about the system and the single biggest problem
  • What today’s athlete can takeaway (2 important things)
  • Is “how you feel” a lie?
  • How important was technique in the Bulgarian system?
  • The 2 specific technique tips he got from Abadjiev
  • How fatigue was acknowledged during the training program
  • How Max uses de-loads
  • What made Abajiev great as a coach
  • How to combine Olympic lifting and powerlifting – is it really possible?
  • Programming approaches for lifters (specifics)
  • And more specific training ideas and actionable follow-ups…
Technique is the bedrock in all sports. -Max AitaClick To Tweet

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