12 Apr Brian Carroll – A Philosophy On Lifting Big With 10/20/Life

(#205) Brian Carroll, elite level powerlifter and author of the great book 10/20/Life, joins the podcast this week to discuss how he overcame a major back injury and also shares his proven approach to strength and performance with 10/20/Life.

Brian Carroll has been an elite level powerlifter since 1999 and is recognized as one of the most accomplished and consistent lifters in the sport of powerlifting.

I’m honored to have Brian join the show this week to discuss his personal experience with a major back injury which transformed his approach to elite performance. He’ll also share the meaning and principles behind his groundbreaking book – 10/20/Life.

This is an amazing session to learn about the key principles of strength, performance, and injury prevention.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week:

  • What he’s most proud of as an accomplished lifter
  • What has allowed him to be so successful over a long period
  • The turning point in his lifting career
  • How his interaction with Dr. Stuart McGill transformed his approach
  • What he immediately learned and took away from Dr. McGill
  • The results after 3-4 days of implementing Dr. McGill’s approach
  • How he has overcome a major low back injury
  • The best hidden secret in strength – that no one knows about
  • Benefits of the “Big 3” exercises
  • Hear about his upcoming project with Dr. Stuart McGill (The Gift of Injury)
  • How he describes his latest project
  • What is the philosophy of 10/20/Life?
  • Why this book isn’t just for powerlifters
  • Why the “bar warm-up” is critical for training performance
  • Why customization is essential in programming
  • The importance of RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
  • The easy way to use the RPE in your training
  • 5 principles behind the 10/20/Life philosophy
  • Why technique is one of the 5 key principles
  • The key to maximum strength development
  • A common error in the Deadlift – and how to fix
  • What Brian thinks about the “rounded back deadlift”
  • What we can learn from Bo Jackson (see link below)
  • Why training longevity is king – and understanding what we can control
  • The book he recommends the most
  • Why 10/20/Life isn’t just for the powerlifter
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This is the image of Brian’s back that he mentioned in the episode. The red arrows illustrate the spinal levels that were significantly impacted by his injuries. 

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