26 Apr Dr. Quinn Henoch – Weightlifting Movement Assessment And Optimization

(#207) Dr. Quinn Henoch, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Author of the NEW book Weightlifting Movement Assessment And Optimization, returns to the podcast this week to share amazing content and tell us about all about his latest work.

Quinn is an amazing physical therapist, strength coach, athlete, speaker, writer and now published author – and he’ll share everything you need to know about his new book and how this addresses “gaps” in the training library.

This is a content-rich session that breaks down specifics on movement assessment and optimization for strength athletes.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week on the show:

  • Get a quick overview of Quinn’s background in Weightlifting
  • What he learned from his earliest training experiences
  • Is “good enough” ever really “good enough?”
  • Quinn shares the development process for the new book
  • What role Greg Everett had in the process
  • How this new resource could potentially help any fitness enthusiast
  • What the new book is NOT
  • How to use this new resource for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand the key phases of Olympic Weightlifting
  • The real purpose of the book
  • How to use the “glute bridge”
  • How to use “corrective clusters” to maximize performance
  • Does having full ROM (range-of-motion) really matter?
  • The difference between a screen and an assessment (important)
  • Why screens and assessments aren’t well defined in the performance setting
  • Mobility or stability – which is more problematic?
  • Where exactly the new book fits into your training library
  • The actionable takeaway after hearing this interview…
The biggest thing is respecting the process of training. -Dr. Quinn HenochClick To Tweet

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