31 May Fabio Zonin And Paolo Evangelista – The Biomechanics Of Powerlifting

(#211) In a very unique English-Italian interview, Fabio Zonin and Paolo Evangelista, join me this week to discuss what’s been called “the best biomechanics book for powerlifters ever written.

“DCSS, Powerlifting for Power Lifters” is a cutting-edge biomechanics and strength training book written by engineer and Italian strength athlete, Paolo Evangelista.

This interview is unlike anything else we’ve ever done on the show, as the episode is in both English and Italian.

Fabio (StrongFirst Master Instructortranslates for Paolo to discuss his brilliant work and ideas on the biomechanics of strength training.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • What is “Powerlifting for Power Lifters”
  • WHY this book is so different from anything else out there
  • The simple meaning behind DCSS
  • How DCSS covers biomechanics – and beyond
  • How Paolo’s work differs from the renowned “Starting Strength
  • Are there plans for this amazing book to be published in English???
  • Paolo’s personal tips for me to use the book (considering I don’t read in Italian)
  • How this book was written – and how long it took
  • The single biggest question that this book answers
  • Are correctives and fixes for barbell training included in DCSS?
  • A common problem in barbell biomechanics with the squat
  • Biomechanical differences in “geared” lifters vs “raw” lifters
  • Is there ever a role for high-bar squats for the powerlifter? (A great answer here!)
  • The most important biomechanical consideration for a deadlift
  • Why do things “breakdown” even if the set-up is correct?
  • How to fix the athlete’s “perception” of movement
  • The 2 most surprising things he learned while writing this book
  • How to use “fatigue” in training to improve skill
  • How to LEARN the methods from the book – closing thoughts
  • Final closing advice after hearing this interview…
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  • Leonardo Laboissiere Ferro
    Posted at 20:46h, 18 July Reply

    Gostaria de saber quando terá em outro idioma? Como inglês ou até tradução para outros idiomas? Se venderão apenas impresso, ou terá de forma digital?


    Would you like to know when you will have it in another language? Like English or even translation into other languages? Will they sell only print, or will it be digital?

    Thank you.

    • Scott
      Posted at 00:10h, 20 July Reply

      We are looking into this and, personally, I’d love to see this great book translated and published in English. I will post any updates or forward progress here, but it make take some time.
      Thanks for your interest about this!

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