07 Jun Brett Bartholomew – Conscious Coaching, The Art And Science Of Building Buy-In

(#212) Top Strength Coach and Author, Brett Bartholomew, joins the podcast this week for an amazing interview discussing his breakthrough book – Conscious Coaching: The Art And Science of Building Buy-In.

His new book is gathering “rave reviews” and generating significant attention for coaches, trainers and teachers of all backgrounds. I’m incredibly excited to share this great chat session and asking questions that haven’t been asked before.

Brett is an amazing coach and a highly recognized peak performance training expert. This session is pure content as we move “fast and furious” through the questions.

Here’s what we cover this week on the show:

  • Why Brett wrote this book and what “gap” he hopes it addresses
  • How he got this book done – he shares his book writing process
  • What contributes to the “disconnect” between coaches and athletes
  • Understanding the “Tools of the Trade” to better understand yourself
  • Misunderstandings about personality labels – what this means to the coach
  • A great discussion about the psychology of personality
  • What is an “archetype” and why this is important in communication
  • Why there’s always something to learn – no matter what level an athlete
  • How Brett’s uses the “archetype” in practice himself
  • Key attributes in effective coach-athlete communication
  • A simple explanation of the “Art of Coaching”
  • External vs. internal focus – what the research shows
  • Where Brett’s system fits into the coaching toolkit
  • The 3 most important distinctions of a great coach
  • Compassion vs. empathy as a coach
  • What makes Brett “effective” as a coach
  • How Brett wants to help coaches in the 21st century
  • Brett discusses his own training methods – what he does himself
  • The #1 thing he wants readers to take away from Conscious Coaching
  • Simple reading strategies to read more books
  • The takeaway action after hearing this interview…
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