14 Jun PJ Nestler – Principles Of Training Today’s Athlete

(#213) Coach PJ Nestler joins the show this week to discuss an assortment of fantastic training topics and share his unique experiences as a performance coach.

PJ is a performance specialist who continues to evolve his approach with “in-the-trenches” experience.

This session is packed with many excellent pearls and lessons that PJ has learned through his accelerated coaching career where PJ has been fortunate to accumulate many great experiences working with top level athletes from the NFL, NHL, UFC and more.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • PJ’s transcendent journey into strength and conditioning
  • Where his passion is as a coach – what he focuses on
  • How he assesses his athletes for peak performance
  • How true agility is poorly understood
  • A great definition and overview of agility for the athlete
  • Why “reactive ability” is important to understand
  • Specific applications to training agility
  • De-bunking “functional training” myths
  • Why his approach with Olympic Weightlifting has changed
  • His favorite training implements to get fast and effective results
  • Why he likes resistance bands and his favorite training applications
  • How training can become more “transferrable” for the athlete
  • Why “research” can help minimize or prevent injuries
  • What “prehab” means in his approach
  • Should training be “sport-specific?”
  • What is athleticism?
  • What type of athlete is the most athletic?
  • How he works with – and helps – other coaches and trainers
  • Common mistakes that coaches and trainers make in their business
  • The future of training and coaching
  • Advice for both the new and experienced coach
  • The book he’s “gifted” the most
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