28 Jun Phil Sabatini – How To Experience The Greatness Of Weightlifting

(#215) Phil Sabatini, head coach of The Barbell Syndicate and Olympic Weightlifting National Champion, joins the show this week to discuss his approach and key learnings as an athlete and coach.

Phil shared a variety of great tips and insights about his Weightlifting experiences with many actionable takeaways.

You’ll learn about the “greatness” of Weightlifting as experienced through Phil in this week’s content-rich session.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Phil’s humble beginning in Olympic Weightlifting
  • Body composition changes Phil has experienced through the years
  • How he uses Hypertrophy phases in his training
  • His early struggles as Weightlifter
  • Why coaches need coaches – and what he continues to learn
  • Is technique ever “good enough?”
  • What Phil says is the key to push through the “plateau”
  • How he approaches “mobility”
  • What he’s doing now that’s really helping his lifts (specifics)
  • His most recent experience competing at the Nationals
  • How he turned a mental weakness into a strength
  • What to do if you’re starting out as weightlifter
  • Is online training a viable option?
  • Is Weightlifting beneficial for the non-competitor?
  • The biggest mistakes that beginners make
  • The top-line benefit of Weightlifting (not what you think)
  • How he describes his “style” of weightlifting
  • Key assistance exercises to maximize performance
  • How he overcame adversity to have one of his best meets
  • An innovative approach to improve the snatch
  • How to assess whether an assistance exercise is working?
  • What is it that makes a coach great?
  • Hear about his new project – coming soon!
'One good or bad day isn't going to define me as a Weightlifter' - Phil Sabatini Click To Tweet

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