27 Sep Donnie Thompson – Body Tempering, The Secret To Strength Preparation

(#220) Donnie Thompson joins the podcast this week to discuss the topics of Body Tempering, Fatbells, Kettlebells, and much more.

He’ll share personal stories, experiences, and his beliefs on why these tools and techniques are so effective and enhance training benefits.

Donnie is a world-class strength and performance coach and has 8 all-time world records in professional powerlifting.

He is most known for being the first human to ever total 3,000 pounds in powerlifting. He’s known as “Mr. 3000.” He’s also the founder and inventor of many innovative training tools and techniques, including Body Tempering, Fatbells, and the Bowtie. His list of accolades is extensive and I’m very excited to have him join me on this week’s episode.

Here’s a few things that you’ll hear about this week:

  • What exactly is body tempering (BT) – and why does it work?
  • How Donnie recommends to apply the techniques to strength training
  • What kind of results he actually see with his athletes?
  • Does BT help speed recovery?
  • Common misconceptions about the techniques
  • Is “technique” required for effective BT?
  • A simple way way to easily get started with BT
  • The big question – is there science behind the method?
  • The importance of “strength prep” – the real value of BT
  • Examples of top coaches who have seen major success with BT
  • How Kettlebells helped him reclaim his strength and resiliency
  • His connection and influence from Pavel
  • How the idea came about to develop Fatbells
  • The challenges he experienced in developing the Fatbells idea
  • How he finally came together with Rogue Fitness to develop the bells
  • Kettlebells vs Fatbells – advice on when to use which tool
  • Are Fatbells a better tool than Dumbbells?
  • What exercises he prefers Fatbells over Kettlebells
  • Advice for gym owners in selecting equipment
  • Learn about his Bowtie and why it’s effective
  • The amazing fitness book he recommends the most…
If it wasn't for kettlebells, I would have never been the powerlifter that I was. - Donnie ThompsonClick To Tweet

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