07 Feb The Kettlebell Swing Episode

(#5) The kettllebell swing is the topic of the 5th episode.

In this episode, I tell you why the kettlebell swing is possibly the best total body strengthening and conditioning exercise there is, period.

I’ll also tell you why it’s important that you learn to do it correctly and how to avoid common mistakes when learning this powerful exercise.

Everything you need to know about the kettlebell swing is in this episode.

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Show Notes:

For detailed instructions on how to perform a swing, see my previous article, How to Perform a Kettlebell Swing.  I also mentioned a new study about kettlebell training.  To see my review, click here.  I also mentioned how a swing could improve your deadlift strength.  For more information on that, here’s an interesting article, Swing Your Way to a Better Deadlift.

And finally, the great book I mentioned was The Sight Edge, by Jeff Olson.  Seriously, get this book!  It may just change your life.

  • Christopher Battles
    Posted at 19:03h, 07 February Reply

    Thank you. I just finished listening to this podcast. I will be putting “getting a kettle ball” on my list of things to set aside money for.

    K, bye

    • Scott
      Posted at 02:25h, 08 February Reply

      No doubt, it’s worth the investment Chris!
      Learn the right way to use it and you’ll see some great benefits.
      Best, Scott

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