17 Jul The Latest Insights in Sports Nutrition

(#13) In this podcast episode, I review the highlights from this year’s International Society of Sports Nutrition’s Annual Conference.

This meeting presented the very latest in cutting edge sports nutrition from the top thought leaders in the industry.  You’ll learn about the latest clinical and practical applications to help you improve  your body composition and enhance your training performance.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to minimize the negative effects of combining strength and endurance training without compromise, as presented by Dr. Jacob Wilson.
  • You’ll learn some key concepts from Dr. Jim Stoppani on maximizing hypertrophy.
  • You’ll find out the 4 best supplements for muscle building and performance, as presented by the expert panel at ISSN.
  • And, get the latest updates in Nutrient Timing (strategic nutrition intervention) as presented by Dr. Paul Cribb

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Show Notes:

Be sure to check out the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  A couple topics that Dr. Jim Stoppani presented were 2 muscle building programs.  These are not the kind of training programs I do these days, but since I mentioned, I thought I would share with you.  The programs were his Shortcut to Size program (Free PDF download) and Six Weeks to Sick Arms.  To find out more about Dr. Stoppani and get more of his workouts, get the July issue of Muscle & Performance Magazine, available for FREE at the Vitamin Shoppe stores.

The previous article I wrote summarizing one of the lectures on what to eat before bed is here.  And, here’s the great book on Nutrient Timing by John Ivy.  I highly recommend this classic book, if you’re more interested in learning more about eating for performance.

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And, as I mentioned, I’ve got a great interview you’ve got to hear with Dr. Lonnie Lowery coming next on the podcast.

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