31 Jul Dr. Lonnie Lowery – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

(#14) In this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to know about dietary protein.  The facts and myths, including how much protein you really need.

Protein is definitely one of the most controversial and widely debate topics in nutrition.  Now you’ll get to hear directly from one of the leading experts in the topic of protein and resistance exercise, Dr. Lonnie Lowery.

Dr. Lowery is a PhD exercise physiologist, nutritionist (RD), academic professor, competitive bodybuilder, and one of the co-hosts of the Iron Radio Podcast at Iron Radio.org.

Not only is Dr. Lowery a scientific expert, but he’s also a clinical expert with extensive practical experience and knowledge in the area of resistance training.  This is a rare combination.

He’s also been involved in many publications and is the co-efitor of a new, comprehensive textbook titled “Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise.”  This is the definitive textbook in the area of protein and resistance exercise.  If you want to know what the data says and what the facts really are, then get this book.  You’ll hear more about this in the episode.

This episode is not to be missed if you want to know the truth about dietary protein, from someone who knows the facts and understands the data.

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Show notes:

To find out more about Dr. Lowery, visit IronRadio.org.  You can also get a 20% discount on the book, “Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise” on the iron radio site, just look for the book image on the right upper corner and use the code to get your discount.

We also discussed a published research paper on the topic.  The tile of the paper is “Dietary Protein Safety and Resistance Exercise: What Do We Really Know” by Dr. Lonnie Lowery and Lorena Davis.

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