09 Oct Tim Anderson on Becoming Bulletproof

(#17) In this episode of the Podcast, you’ll learn about a very different way to train and “bullet proof” your body by returning to fundamental movements.

You may be VERY surprised what these movements are and how they can elevate your training and performance.

In this interview, I got to speak to the author of the book “Becoming Bulletproof,” Tim Anderson.

Tim is an RKC kettlebell instructor, Functional Movement Specialist, personal trainer, book author, and just a great guy.

This is a ground breaking training concept, not to be missed.

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To find find out more about Tim, visit Tim-Anderson.net.  And, to get his book Becoming Bulletproof, click here.

Also, I mentioned a great workshop on the podcast that is coming to the South Florida area soon.  I am not associated with this workshop in any way, just simply passing along a great learning opportunity, if it’s right for you.  To find out all the details of the workshop, click here.

Thanks for listening to this episode and hope you found the information valuable and applicable to your own training.

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Thanks and see you next time…

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