06 Dec David Whitley – Clears Up Kettlebell Confusion???

(#20) The latest episode of the podcast features an in-depth discussion with Master SFG Kettlebell Instructor, David Whitley, also known as the “Irontamer.”

Dave has the honor of being a Master Instructor with Pavel Tsatsouline’s new organization, StrongFirst.

He’s one of the top guys in the kettlebell community and always has great knowledge and tips to share.

In this session we discuss common questions and topics related to kettlebells and strength training that may have some misunderstanding, depending on who you’re listening to.

You’ll learn the truth about topics like:

  • How should you use “muscular tension” properly to improve training performance?
  • Is “packing the joints” really safe to do?
  • Is “abdominal bracing” over emphasized in kettlebells?
  • The “hip hinge.”  Is it really that important and is it over used?
  • New perspective on breathing techniques to maximize your training.
  • And many more great training tips and pearls from Dave…

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To find Master SFG Kettlebell Instructor, David Whitley, visit him at IronTamerblog.com.  You can find out about his upcoming events and be sure to check out the post and and great cause Dave is supporting, “Bending for Burt” that we discussed on the show.

Dave’s two training DVD’s are: Deepening Your Get Up Skills and Lessons of the Old Time Strongman.

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