11 Nov Shawn Stevenson – Simple Ways To Improve Health, Nutrition, and Sleep

(#146) Shawn Stevenson, best-selling author, podcaster, and health expert is the featured guest this week on the show.

Shawn is an acclaimed health expert and author of “Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips To Sleep Your Way To A Better Body.”

He’s also the creator of The Model Health Show, a top rated health and fitness podcast in iTunes.

This is a comprehensive, content interview discussing key insights to optimize health.

Here’s what you’ll learn and hear about this week:

  • Shawn’s unique story of physical “break down”
  • What he did to overcame major physical challenges as a young man
  • The 3 major things he did to radically reverse his health issues
  • How he started to “shift” his behaviors to optimize health
  • The importance of nutrition for “resiliency”
  • How he describes his approach to nutrition
  • What he experienced when he went “raw vegan” – and why he came back
  • The truth about carbs – and why we need to understand insulin
  • Understanding “glycogen spillover”
  • The many different variables that can determine carb intake
  • What he says is the biggest struggle most people have with nutrition
  • The benefits of technology today to accelerate our knowledge
  • The surprising facts about poor sleep habits
  • Understand the glyphatic system and sleep
  • A concerning medical condition – Type 3 Diabetes
  • Why sleep deprivation wreak havoc on our bodies
  • What he says to those who say “I only need a few hours of sleep each night
  • Shawn’s key habits to better sleep
  • How to get into “anabolic sleep” – the importance of the morning ritual
  • Why a cortisol spike in the morning may not be a bad thing
  • Mobility work before bed?
  • The importance of the “screen curfew” – and what to do instead
  • What frustrates him the most in fitness
  • The one big thing to take away from the interview, great closing advice…
  • And, final comments about the “caffeine curfew”

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