06 Apr Shawn Stevenson – The Most Underrated Habit For Health And Performance

(#168) Shawn Stevenson returns to the podcast this week for one of THE MOST AMAZING interviews on the show to date!

I’m extremely pumped and excited to have him back on the show for a second round.

If you missed our first interview, definitely go back and check out episode 146 for more context around Shawn and his backstory.

Shawn is a best selling author, creator of The Model Health Show, and Founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance.  

His book – Sleep Smarter – is the ultimate guide to maximizing your sleep and health. It’s a comprehensive resource about creating smarter sleep strategies so you can improve your mind, body, and performance, plus practical solutions to help you get the best sleep ever!

In this episode, Shawn and I have an in-depth discussion around sleep and how it can have a major impact on your health, training performance, and overall life. Shawn provides actionable advice and touches on a number of sleep related topics, including how much you should be getting, reversing aging, sleep quality, light pollution, room temperature, and much more!

This is a dynamic interview and I can promise that it’s going to enlighten you to one of the most overlooked habits for better health and performance – QUALITY SLEEP.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • Shawn reveals his key strategies to sleeping like a champ
  • The benefits of doing 5-10 minutes of exercise once you wake up
  • Why exercising in the morning will help you sleep better at night
  • Find out THE most effective exercise for human beings according to NASA
  • Getting more out of your training and nutrition with a solid night sleep
  • If you’re not sleeping, you’re not healing!
  • Shawn dismisses the claim that certain people only need 4-5 hours of sleep
  • Find out why poor sleep could double your mortality rate!
  • Why driving when tired may be just as bad as drinking and driving
  • What are Telomeres and what do they have to do with how long we live?
  • How protecting your Telomeres can drastically slow down the aging process
  • The ultimate solution to correcting chronic health issues
  • Find out what you can do to improve your sleep quality
  • The importance of getting complete sleep cycles
  • Discover 3 changes you can make today that will drastically change your sleep quality
  • Shawn explains “Light Pollution” and how not all light is created equal
  • Why you need to get off your mobile device at least 1 hour before bed
  • The benefits of blue blocking sunglasses
  • Get a better night’s sleep with this really cool iPhone hack!  
  • Find out the optimal room temperature to maximize your sleep
  • Why top performing athletes are incorporating better sleep into their training
  • How sleep impacts your exercise and exercise impacts your sleep

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