15 Jun The Ultimate Shoulder Mobility Tool

(#178) In this solo episode, I’ll discuss one of the best shoulder mobility tools I’ve come across – and it’s NOT a kettlebell!

This amazing device not only improves shoulder mobility and overall shoulder “health” but it does so much more…

In this session, I’ll share my complete review and how I use this tool in my own training program as a great addition to anything I do.

I highly recommend this amazing tool for mobility, stability, strength, conditioning, motor control, and as a simple and effective “warm-up” for any training regimen.

Learn about all the great benefits of this amazing tool in this short episode.




The ShouldeRok is fantastic! The truth is I don’t like “shiny new toys” to distract from a focused training approach. The ShouldeRok doesn’t do that because it’s a uniquely designed tool that offers a long list of surprising benefits for all of us. It goes way beyond just improving mobility – and overall shoulder health. It’s a powerful and effective addition to literally any training program or approach I can think of. I absolutely love this tool. -Scott Iardella (Author, Coach, Former Orthopedic Physical Therapist)

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