01 Jun Steph Gaudreau – Valuable Life Lessons In Strength And Health

(#176) Steph Gaudreau joins the podcast this week for one of the most dynamic interviews I’ve had on the show. This is a fun, free-flowing, and incredibly informative chat session!

Steph is a holistic nutritionist, weightlifting coach, best-selling author, blogger, and founder of StephGaudreau.com. She helps women get strong, fit and confident so they can stop wishing and start doing.

Steph is the author of two bestselling books, The Performance Paleo Cookbook and The Paleo Athlete. She is also the creator of the top-rated podcast Harder to Kill Radio, in which she interviews experts in fitness, nutrition and mindset about how to achieve greater health.

In this session, Steph shares her story and explains how she quit her job as a science teacher to pursue a life in the strength game. We also talk about a variety of topics such as back pain, training methods, health & longevity, sleep, and so much more!

In this fantastic interview, you’ll learn the big picture approach to training to optimize health and start taking full control of your life.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:  

  • Steph takes us on her journey through the strength game, from science teacher to pursuing a passion for health & wellness
  • Find out what Steph is doing to overcome years of back pain
  • What is the “Low Back Fix” program all about?
  • Steph’s big picture approach to optimizing health, helping others, and empowering women!
  • The importance of choosing training methods that fit into YOUR life
  • Discover the #1 most important quality of strength
  • How important is conditioning?
  • Understanding why bodyweight training is so crucial
  • Building a resilient body that can stand the test of time
  • Why you should ditch the couch!
  • Steph reveals the daily routine to getting the best sleep EVER!
  • The safe supplement that your body might be missing
  • Parting advice – take some micro action today and get closer to achieving your goals!

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