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The Edge of Strength

The Edge of Strength is a NEW print book that covers my entire philosophy and methodology of strength and performance training. It’s available NOW as PRINT or KINDLE edition in Amazon. An Unconventional Guide To Live Your Strength And Discover Your Greatness.

Kettlebell Domination

A laser-focused 5 week single kettlebell training program designed for fat loss, conditioning, and performance. A proven, powerful program for the intermediate to advanced kettlebell enthusiast.

The NEW Shock & Awe Protocol

The next level in size and strength. Shock & Awe 2.0 is coming in 2019 and the NEW version will blow you away. More scalable and more powerful as a double kettlebell training system.

Barbell Bodybuilding

An innovative, powerful and highly effective 6 week barbell-based program for building muscle mass and improving training performance with the fundamental barbell lifts. To add serious size and strength – this is a system that works.

Kettlebell Minimalism

Kettlebell Minimalism will be a pillar program designed around the kettlebell fundamentals. This amazing minimalist program will build strength and conditioning is less time. Coming in early 2019.

New Products & More!

Many new trainings and programs are coming in 2019. Become part of our amazing community to be the first to know about what’s ahead.


Rogue Kettlebell

My preferred kettlebell brand is the Rogue Kettlebell. This kettlebell is the highest quality and the price is unbeatable.

RKC kettlebell

Another great brand is the RKC kettlebell sold by Dragon Door.  These are certainly high quality kettlebells, however the cost is quite a bit higher. If you’re new to kettlebells, DO NOT purchase adjustable kettllebells as these are not sufficient for authentic kettlebell exercises. Please don’t waste your money, instead purchase a quality, cast iron, solid kettlebell for proper training.

Momentous Protein

Choosing the right protein supplement is extremely important for you to get right. The Momentous brand protein line is one of the best I’ve found. There are many great things about this unique and distinctive protein and one that I feel very confident in recommending. This brand is a “clean” high-quality source of protein for optimizing strength, recovery and health.

PurePharma D3 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is becoming recognized as a more valuable training supplement for recovery and many immune system benefits. It’s an inexpensive supplement that’s extremely important for many health and performance reasons. My preferred brand, again, comes from PurePharma. Very high quality supplement and specifically designed for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.  Try to get the best quality supplements as you can and it’s worth it to spend a little extra, in my opinion.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein

This is a plant based protein that tastes great and is extremely “clean” in terms of processing and ingredients. Some people haven’t been fond of the taste, but I actually think it tastes really decent and it’s super high quality. Get the chocolate and make sure you get the “blend,” as this is different from the standard Sun Warrior protein.

Reserveage Whey Protein

This is a high quality grass fed whey protein. It’s inexpensive, tastes excellent, and is extremely satiating. I usually only mix this with water. It’s really a great tasting and high quality protein that I’ve been using for a long time.

True Athlete – Natural Whey Protein

Here’s another high quality protein powder with a short ingredient list that tastes great. A quality protein without the processed ingredients and fillers.

Sunwarrior Organic Ormus SuperGreens

The problem with greens products is that most of them taste HORRIBLE. No, I mean really bad. I’ve found one that doesn’t. Greens are very important since most people don’t eat the proper amount of daily greens. There are numerous nutritional benefits of greens products and they can never be over consumed. I’ve tried many different greens and the product I prefer is Sun Warrior Ormus Greens. I think it’s the best greens product on the market.


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