06 Jul Kettlebell Training For Lacrosse (The Ultimate Guide)

In my experience as a strength coach, kettlebells are the most underutilized strength and conditioning tool for lacrosse athletes. This is because most lacrosse athletes (and field athletes in general) do not understand how these simple training tools can help them translate to better field performance. This is a sad fact. The appropriate and correct applications of kettlebell training will not only help athletes improve performance but also greatly contribute to reducing risk for injuries, yet few athletes use these highly accessible tools. Why is that? I have many thoughts, but the bottom line is this article will shed some serious light on the topic. By using kettlebells, most athletes could improve speed and power measurements in just 6-8 weeks by following a well designed kettlebell program. That's not to mention the improvement of other intangibles - such as broad-movement skills, breathing efficiency, and overall durability to reduce injuries. I know these might appear to be bold statements but I have first hand experience in seeing these benefits through the years. My goal is to make what you're reading right now the most comprehensive article available on the internet on the topic of kettlebell training for lacrosse athletes. You won't find much on this topic, until now. If you're a lacrosse athlete, parent, coach or anyone who works with lacrosse athletes, you can't afford to miss out on this information, especially if you want to stay ahead in today's game.
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