28 Jun 3 Ways To Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

(#287) In this episode, you'll get 3 key tips to immediately improve your kettlebell swing. I wanted to give you some specific, actionable training advice - no matter where you are in your training. While the hardstyle - or Russian - kettlebell swing seems like an easy exercise, there are always ways we can continuously refine our technique to get maximum benefit. You'll get 3 simple things you can walk away with after listening and go and implement in your kettlebell training - today.
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06 Jun A Balanced Life is a Lie

(#286) Training, work, family, projects. Is there such a thing as a balanced life? In this week's session, I had a great question from our community member Anthony who wanted me to open up about how I train and achieve work-life balance. Here's the truth, life balance (or work-life balance) is a myth. There's no such thing. But this is actually good when you understand how it works and how it actually makes your life better. This was something I discovered years ago and now I'm sharing this with you. I'll tell you the secrets to how I've sustained my excitement and passion for training for decades and how I manage this through life's challenges and stresses.
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22 May Matt Wan – The Bold Vision To Disrupt Sports Nutrition

(#285) Matt Wan, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Momentous, joins the show this week. Matt shares his story about getting started in training and what he learned at a very young age about the importance of nutrition. His story is what ultimately drove him to "make a difference" and do something bold to disrupt the sports nutrition industry. Here's what you'll learn this week:
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10 Apr Dan John – 40 Years With A Whistle

(#279) Renowned strength coach and multi-book author, Dan John, returns to the podcast to discuss his latest book, 40 Years with a Whistle. Dan John is one of the top coaches in the industry and a person who has impacted me personally at a very high level, both as an athlete and coach. His books are some of the most highly-utilized resources in my home library and that says a lot about the value he provides to coaches, trainers, and athletes around the world. As always, I learn something new and valuable in each conversation. This is a special interview with amazing insights and lessons from his life and his new book.
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23 Mar How We Can Fix The Problems In Youth Sports

(#278) In this week's session, I'm going to discuss a topic that is near and dear to me, Youth Sports. As a parent, coach, and sports spectator - there are clearly issues that need to be discussed. This session is specifically for parents and coaches to better understand a few of the big problems associated with youth sports today. I'll discuss problems that I have observed through the years. This is certainly a massive topic and we could easily make this a series of podcast episodes, so we'll just consider this a starting point for discussion. What's the #1 problem in youth sports? I'll discuss that and so much more this week. I don't believe in discussing problems unless you have some answers, so I'll offer simple solutions for each point I cover in the show. There's a lot of content in the episode and I know you'll find this session valuable and useful, but I'd love to get your feedback on this. Let me know your thoughts or experiences by posting your comments below. This session is designed to inspire action and taking the next step, whatever that "next step" is for you.
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08 Mar Jason Khalipa – How To Develop An Unstoppable Mindset

(#277) Jason Khalipa, World Champion Athlete, Entrepreneur and Author of the new book As Many Reps As Possible, joins the podcast this week to discuss the winning mindset that has made him so successful in his many endeavors. Jason Khalipa is a CrossFit World Champion, first-time book author, and lifelong competitor. He's a devoted father of two and CEO and founder of NCFIT, a global company aimed at making fitness effective, fun, and accessible. It should be stated that while I am not a Cross-Fitter (I'm a weightlifter and kettlebell practitioner), I fully enjoyed this chat learning about the mental framework that has made Jason so successful in business and athletics. While Jason's success is remarkable, he's extremely humble and open in sharing the winning mindset that has made him unstoppable in business and life.
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28 Feb Dr. Eric Trexler – The Science And Practice of Improving Body Composition

(#276) Dr. Eric Trexler joins the show this week to discuss the science and practice of bodybuilding, as well as share key advice for improving body composition. Dr. Eric Trexler is the Director of Education at Stronger by Science.

He is a natural pro bodybuilder, researcher (recently completing his PhD with more than 30 publications), and is a passionate coach.

Eric is a scientist and competitive bodybuilder who brings great perspective, experience, and passion to the show this week in discussing the latest in fat loss and muscle building.

Here's what you'll learn this week:
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13 Feb Lee Taft – Essentials Of Speed Development

(#275) Renowned speed coach and expert, Lee Taft, joins the show this week to discuss what everyone needs to know about how to develop speed.

Lee Taft, known to many as “The Speed Guy” is highly regarded as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. The last 30 years, he has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities.

This is an extremely valuable episode for all athletes, coaches, and parents to learn from one of the most respected names in the area of speed training. This is a special session, as I've been a huge fan of the tremendous work by Coach Taft for several years. You'll discover many insights and training pearls in the episode this week. Here's some of what you'll learn in the session:
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