16 Apr Kettlebells Vs. Treadmill: The Latest Research

(#62) Kettlebell training versus graded treadmill exercise, which is more effective? There's a brand new published study that answers this question. In this week's episode I'll break down the new data and explain the practical applications. What does this really tell us? What can we learn from it? And, where did the study fall short?
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10 Apr Fat Loss Is Simple

(#61) Fat Loss is simple if we follow certain principles. When I was a competing in bodybuilding for 6 years, I had to shed body fat to compete successfully. Things have evolved since that time, but there are simple principles we need to understand and apply, if were going achieve the goal of fat loss. Keep in mind I said simple, I didn't say easy. In this week's show, I'll tell you the truth about fat loss.
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02 Apr Andy Baker, Co-Author of ‘Practical Programming’

(#60) Andy Baker is this week's podcast guest. He's the co-author of the latest edition of Practical Programming. Andy is a strength coach, personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, and owner/operator of Kingwood Strength and Conditioning in Texas. He's also a tremendous source of knowledge in barbell training, as he co-authored the 3rd edition of Practical Programming, along with veteran barbell coach and expert, Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength. I was honored to have a great chat with Andy discussing many topics in strength training.
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26 Feb 7 Tips To Help You Prevent Injuries

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