21 Sep Tim Anderson – Next Level Performance

(#258) Tim Anderson, multi-book author and co-creator of Original Strength, returns to the podcast this week. In this week's session, we discuss practical ways we can all move better, feel better, get stronger, and live a better life. The methods he teaches are simple, scalable, and valuable for all. So, this week Tim came back to the show to tell us about the latest advancements with the Original Strength system, as well as provide tactical tips and take-aways. Here's what you learn this week:
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12 Sep Sue Falsone – Bridging The Gap From Rehab To Performance

(#257) Sue Falsone, author and sports performance training expert, joins the podcast this week for an in-depth discussion about her latest work.

Sue Falsone is the Founder of Structure and Function Education and Falsone Consulting who's a return guest on the podcast.

She has an amazing background in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, and Strength & Conditioning and now she’s the author of a breakthrough book “Bridging The Gap From Rehab To Performance.”

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31 Aug How To Bulletproof Your Shoulders

(#255) What are the best exercises for strong, powerful, healthy shoulders? In this session, I'll discuss 7 proven exercises to keep your shoulders supple and strong. While there are many considerations when strengthening the shoulders, I'll share what I have found to be most valuable in recent...

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15 Aug PJ Nestler – Breathe Better, Recover Faster, And Optimize Health With XPT

(#253) PJ Nestler returns to the podcast this week to discuss his role as Director of Performance with XPT. This session is not only cutting-edge, but it's filled with ideas and next steps to optimize health and performance - at any level. Coach PJ is a human performance specialist with over a decade of experience preparing top athletes for competition, and a life mission to help athletes and coaches realize their true potential. Over the past ten years, PJ has trained dozens of athletes from the UFC, NFL, NHL and MLB. He's a wealth of information and gets results with his athletes and students. XPT (or Extreme Performance Training) is a performance lifestyle based on the fundamentals: Breathe, Move, Recover. XPT is inspired by the training techniques and lifestyle habits of big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton and former Pro-Athlete, Gabrielle Reece. For more information, visit XPTLife.com. Here's some of what we cover this week on the show:
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10 Aug Differences Between Muscle Building And True Strength Training

(#252) What's the difference between training for maximum muscle building and true strength training? Yes, this is often misunderstood. Is there perhaps one key distinction and driver for hypertrophy? Maybe. Thanks to a great question from Ian (one of our loyal listeners to the podcast), I wanted to answer this question in detail - especially since I'm a former bodybuilder. While it's true that resistance exercise will provide gains in both strength and muscle, the way we manipulate training variables has a great deal to do with maximizing results in either area. Hypertrophy or strength? I'll explain the key differences.
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