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The Client Experience…

A Wealth of Knowledge!

I have been involved in strength training for over 30 years, I read a lot, train a lot, and have worked with my fair share of trainers so it is not easy to impress me.

When I found Scott and read his Bio, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to train with him.

The first time we met, I immediately felt at ease because he is such a great person and easy going. I like his teaching style which is always encouraging and motivational.

He is also a fantastic coach who establishes goals and doesn’t finish a training session without giving you things to work on.

I was at a stage where my training had become boring and things were starting to go wrong physically. My training with Scott has been nothing short of inspirational.

I have made strength gains, improved my endurance, and fixed flaws in my technique. I love training again because of Scott!

Scott is always improving himself.

Before each session, I take a few minutes to ask him what he has been up to and he is always reading a good book or has just attended a seminar.

He is constantly expanding his knowledge base with a tremendous passion for learning and sharing new things with his students.

It does not matter what health, strength, or fitness goal you desire to achieve, Scott can help you.

There are few people out there that I would give my full endorsement to. Scott is one of them.

~Dr. Brian Burnbaum

A “5 Star Type” Guy

I’m an athlete that has had some serious back trouble for about the past 5 years.

In my never ending search for answers I came across Scott Iardella’s website.

I started reading about him and discovered that he had some serious back issues that he had overcome which got my attention.

I started reading about him and I liked his approach.

It’s different and new. Training the proper way with correct form and movement. Even though I’ve always been a pretty fit guy, I have known that I have some bad habits and that my back was really causing me problems.

I sent Scott an email not expecting a response. I got a very detailed response specific to me and my situation. I really like what he had to say.

I asked him if I could get a phone call together with him to ask some questions and get some guidance. He made that very simple to do.

Two days later I had a lengthy conversation with Scott. He addressed many of my main concerns, and I listened to him. It is obvious that he is very knowledgeable.

He gave me some practical ideas and real things that I could do to get started. On top of that he sent me links specific to my situation, in order to help me get started. I have taken his advice and am on my way.

I have some work to do and I plan to keep in touch with Scott. He really made a positive impression on me.

I would rather learn from a guy like Scott, than some local that I know nothing about. Especially considering that I have some injuries to work around, and his whole philosophy is built on injury prevention through strength.

Scott is a “5 star type” guy and genuinely a nice person that I highly recommend.

~Jim  Fort Wayne, IN

Amazing Instructor!

I came to Florida for a few weeks and had the privilege of training with Scott.

I had just started training with kettlebells at home and was eager to learn more.  I contacted Scott after reading the reviews.

I appreciated that he took the time to communicate with me prior to my arrival to determine what my goals were and whether or not we were a suitable match.

Upon meeting him I was impressed with his professionalism and his knowledge. He was very creative working with me, he took the time to figure out how I could do something that initially seemed impossible to me. I really appreciated his patience and supportive teaching style.

He worked with my goals and agenda in mind, not his. Always listening to what I was looking to gain from his training.

He ensured I was confident with the techniques he taught me prior to my departure and provided me with workout ideas that I could use at home. An added bonus has been the improvement I have also noticed with my martial arts training.

I learned so much about how my body moves and how to get the most out of my workout in a short period of time. I noticed an increase in my strength, more muscle tone and some fat loss in just a few weeks.

Scott does this because he truly loves it, his passion is apparent.

Whether you are just starting out and want to get fit or want a change in your workout routine Scott is the guy to see. Your view on kettle bell training will truly be enlightened. I will be contacting him on my next trip to Florida!

~Lara B.

The Best Decision You’ll Make

I’ve been training with Scott for 3 months, Sept. thru Dec. Scott took the time to make sure I learned the proper technique with kettlebells. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. I was surprised at the intensity of the workouts. I’ve worked out with other trainers using free weights and kettlebells are a more rounded workout. I’ve lost 29 lbs and 3 inches off my waist since I started training with Scott.

If your looking for results, I would recommend training with Scott. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make when it comes to your body.

~Darryl Morrow

Extensive Knowledge.

My goal began about a year ago to improve my general health, lose weight and gain muscle mass.

I’ve always assumed that weight lifting, cardio and cutting calories was a sure-fire way to lose weight.

However, recently I’ve become bored with my routines and felt that my time spent at the gym wasn’t fully giving me the results I expected and needed.

When I met Scott, I quickly took an interest in his background, fitness portfolio and passion for Kettlebell training.

Scott introduced me to Kettlebell training recently and I was amazed at the immediate results.

With Scott’s certifications, Masters in Physical Therapy, and extensive knowledge in weight training, he was able to incorporate carefully selected Kettlebell movements into my routine which yielded instant results in terms of core strength and stability, which I was surprisingly lacking.

I was simply amazed at how fast my heart rate accelerated and my overall strength increased while performing fundamental Kettlebell movements, ultimately giving me the results I’m looking to achieve in nearly half the time.

I’m eager and excited to continue working with Scott to fulfill my fitness and health goals.

~John Sarro

Passionate About Teaching

Scott is a great instructor, especially to someone like me, who hardly exercised before.

He was very patient with me while I learned the new kettlebell motions. And when I didn’t think I could do something, he gently worked with me on getting me there without hurting myself.

I had never really worked out with any kind of weights or resistance training. I always assumed it was too hard for me to do.

Scott made it easier than I expected. I was surprised and so proud of myself, and I thank Scott for that!

I can be quick to quit at something when it’s too hard, but learning kettlebells surprised me!

I learned the benefits of kettlebells and realized how easy they are to incorporate into my busy life of 2 little kids.

He also worked with me on some of my nutrition habits and goals. The thing I like the most about kettlebells is that it’s easy to grasp, very effective, but can also give me the results I’m looking for a quick and effective full-body work-out in about 20 minutes, 3 times per week.

I would recommend Scott to train kettlebells to anyone beginner or advanced. He knows several different kettlebell exercises that work all the muscle groups.

He is passionate about teaching kettlebells and makes it fun while learning all the benefits for your body.

~Carrie S.

Amazed at the Results!

I have been training with Scott 3 days a week for 4 weeks and I am amazed at the results thus far.

After having a baby, I felt desprate to get back into shape.

I went full force into a 90 day workout routine, and although I was pleased with the results, I could not keep up with the time commitment.

Scott has shown me that a 20-30 minute Kettlebell workout gives me better results, and also fits into my busy schedule.

The workout is everything Scott said it would be, effective and easy to fit into my day.

His training has gotten me hooked on Kettlebells and I highly recommend Scott Iardella as a coach.

The individual time he spent making sure my form was correct, has enhanced my results.

Scott’s background in Physical Therapy and nutrition made him a perfect coach and teacher.

He was motivating and encouraging. I now feel I can maintain a workout routine with my busy lifestyle as a mom who is working from home.

Thank you Scott! I look forward to attending more of your classes.

~Tracy Kaplan

He’s a Motivator.

Scott Iardella showed me the basics of Kettlebell training. He is very much a motivator. I like that I can keep my workouts short, but still very effective. After 5 weeks of 3 short workout (each week) I am now noticing a dramatic difference in my strength and a reduced waistline. I strongly recommend hiring him.

~Kel Thompson

Great Teacher!

I have been into kettlebells for a while now. I’ve read books, watched DVDs and did a lot of internet research. So I felt that I had the swing and get-up down pretty well. But I always felt like I needed an instructor to view my form (for safety reasons and to make sure I was doing it correctly).

After meeting with Scott, I learned I was doing several things wrong (ex. on my swings I was bending my legs too much and swinging the kettlebell too low). Thankfully Scott corrected those errors.

I’m glad I found Scott because he’s a great teacher! He was very patient with me and took his time to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed.

I would highly recommend Scott to others!


Outstanding Instructor.

Scott is an outstanding instructor.

I can confidently say he is truly genuine about his focus on helping me achieve my own personal fitness goals and his belief that his methods are the best way for me to reach them.

I was sold after my first few workouts with Scott. His detailed, step by step approach to building the proper technique, paired with his background in physical therapy, allowed me to feel comfortable pushing myself with out worrying about possible injury.

I know kettlebells will become the number one component of my workouts.

If you’re looking to build muscle while boosting endurance, I would highly recommend kettlebells as your workout – and Scott as your instructor.

~Michael C.

Do Whatever It Takes!

I have had the opportunity to be trained by Scott, who introduced me to Kettlebells. Initially I was a bit skeptical about kettlebells. I just wasn’t sure if I could use kettlebells properly, or if I could get the kind of workout Scott said I could in such a short amount of time. I was desperate to get results.

Scott started by doing a really in-depth assessment of my conditioning, which I really appreciated. Then he spent a lot of time making me feel comfortable with a kettlebell. Once I got past my initial concerns working out with a kettlebell I was off to the races.

Everything Scott said has been right on the money! I have been extremely impressed with his knowledge, not only of kettlebells but fitness and nutrition as well. I have worked with trainers in the past, who are more of what I would consider to be “old school” trainers.

But that’s not Scott. He’s definitely up on all of the latest fitness knowledge, which has allowed me to get results much more quickly, and that have lasted. Now all I do is listen to his advice, and I do exactly what he instructs me to do. The results speak for themselves!

If you are serious about making permenant changes to your body and health, and you have an opportunity to work with Scott, do whatever it takes to make that happen!

~Jay Estis

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