28 Jun The 5 Unbreakable Laws for Training Success.

5 Training LawsIf the word “law” makes you uncomfortable, call these things whatever you’d like.

But, I feel so strongly that if you follow these 5 things, you will be on the path to long term training success and nothing will stop you.

Think about it like this.

If you preface each of these laws by this statement, “I will continue to get better if I …

These are 5 essential training laws to your optimize performance and maximize your results for the long term.

These 5 things are really what’s most important in our training and if we live by these simple principles, we’ll accelerate our progress significantly.

I call the these the 5 unbreakable laws for training success and they are the basis of my entire philosophy on training.

Read them.

Understand them.

And, abide by them if you’re truly committed to making the most of your training.


It all starts with safe training.

In today’s world where there’s a lot of “unsafe” and, frankly, irrational training and programming, we need to keep our safety at the forefront.

Exercise selection, technique, and programming all need to be conducted with maximum safety.

I’m sorry to say that all the shenanigans in the industry seem to ignore what is most important, safe training.

Believe me, I’m all for hard, high intensity training sessions, but not at the expense of getting injured through reckless techniques and poorly designed programs.

We need to be sensible, rationale, and reasonable in our training approach.

We also need to have a solid foundation of movement, mobility, and stability before we do higher level exercises or lifts.

And, we need to use our own best judgement in our exercises and programming so that we modify or adjust as we need.

Yes, we do need to listen to our bodies and training so hard that we puke is pure insanity and complete BS.

That mindset is a “time bomb” for injury, overuse, and burnout.

Pushing to the edge is one thing, but pushing over the edge is another.

Listen, there is no guarantee that we will be able to avoid injury, but we can certainly do many things to minimize the risk.

It starts with each of us.

We’re accountable for what we do.

Safe training is the 1st law of training success and we can’t ignore the importance if we’re in this game for the long term.


We should honor our strength and keep strength as the foundation of our training.

I believe that physical strength is that important, but I’m not saying it’s the only thing we need.

We need other physical qualities such as conditioning, mobility, speed, power, endurance, agility, and many more, but strength is foundational and will help everything else.

We need to understand that.

No matter what our goals, strength is fundamental to everything else.

We should seek to become stronger to ultimately improve health and performance.

The level of strength we seek depends on the specific goals we want, but we need to train to become stronger, no matter where we are in our training journey.

To get better physically, you need to have a foundation of strength.


We have to know what we’re training for, what we want and why.

Purpose gives us clarity and a clear sense of direction.

It’s difficult to achieve a result if we don’t have a clear objective and plan in place.

I am including plan as part of the purpose.

So many people wake up, do the same thing, and get the same results.

I know because I did it for years.

Simply, “getting fit” is not a clear purpose, unless you can clearly define it and can measure it objectively.

We need to have a clear purpose to our training, something objective that we can measure.

Examples would a specific body fat reduction, a specific performance goal, or a competitive event.

These are quantifiable and there is purpose and drive behind each of these.

Questions to answer are what do you want, why do you want it, and how will you achieve it?

Training with a clear purpose and having a plan will consistently accelerate your progress and keep you moving forward.

We must know what we’re training for with clarity.


Once we have our clearly defined purpose, we need to be relentless with our focus.

This is where many of us fall off the wagon.

It’s easy to get distracted and it’s hard to stay on track, but you have to commit.

In the age of distraction and an infinite assortment of fitness bullish*t , results come to those who are able to train with a purpose and train with relentless focus.

We need to focus on “one thing at a time” to truly get the results we want.

Multitasking does NOT work in training or in anything in life.

Multitasking is a myth.

We need to stay true to fundamental movements, exercises, and lifts as this is what can transcend us from average to elite.

Master things, don’t dabble.

Leave the “dabbling” to the amateurs and go pro.

We need to do fewer things better.


Here’s the true culmination of training success.

This truly is something that goes way beyond the scope of this article and it’s something I feel very passionate about.


Never stop learning and improving…NEVER.

Why is it that many people stop growing and evolving?

I don’t think it’s intentional, I think we get “caught up” in life sometimes.

But, growth is fundamental to every human and the minute we stop, we might as well check out and call it a day because it’s over.

Improve your skills, knowledge, strength, mobility, techniques, and learn new things as new information and “science” becomes available to us.

Don’t think of just “working out,” instead think of each session as one small step towards actually “getting better.”

Growth happens with each small step we take.

Understand that “a workout should give you more than it takes from you” as so brilliantly stated by strength coach, Ivan Ivanov.

Always strive to improve your training, your nutrition, your recovery, and your mindset.

Never stop learning and improving to achieve even better results and moving closer to unlocking your potential.

Always evolve.

Here’s a summary of the 5 Training Laws.

5 Training Laws

Do me a favor and please share this simple message.

I strongly believe these 5 simple things will keep us moving forward and deliver outstanding results to those that choose to follow them.

It is a choice.


Answer these questions now.

1-Is my training safe? Do my skills and techniques need to be improved? Do I need assessment or coaching?

2-Where do I regard the qualities of strength in my training program? Is strength the foundation of what I do? Is my focus on strength where it should be?

3-What am I training for right now? What exactly do I want (the one big thing)? Why do I want it? How will I measure it? What is my specific plan to achieve that one thing?

4-Am I currently focused enough or is my training scattered and random? Do I have a plan? Am I following the plan with relentless focus?

5-What am I doing to grow and develop? Am I reading enough? What’s the last workshop or seminar I attended? How am I getting better? What can I do to grow more?

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