22 Jun The Definitive Checklist For Getting Started With Kettlebells

ChecklistOk, so you’re ready to get started with kettlebell training, what should you do?

Let me tell you, kettlebells are one of the most powerful physical training tools on the planet.

You may have been  heard how incredibly effective Russian kettlebells truly are.  Now the question is, how do you get started the right way?

Well, if you were sitting here with me right now, this is exactly what I would tell you step by step.

It’s a simple 4 step process.

STEP #1:  Buy this book.

First, purchase the book Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel Tsatsouline.

This is the book I bought before I even picked up a kettlebell.

The book serves as a great introduction to all the key kettlebell exercises.

It also provides a great history and reveals many of the benefits of incorporating kettlebells into your training.

You’ll get some excellent programs that are simple, but not easy.

I love this book and constantly refer back to it for continued education and always learn new things.

Once you read the book, your interest and excitement will be elevated and you’re now ready for step #2.

STEP #2:  Find a Certified Instructor.

Next, go to DragonDoor.com or StrongFirst.com and locate your closest HKC or RKC instructor.

You want the best training?

You want to learn how to do kettlebells the right way?

Well, this is it.

You must locate a certified instructor or find a DVD from someone that knows what they are doing with a kettlebell.  This is a requirement if you want to train safely and get the best results.

What’s the difference between the HKC and RKC?

The HKC is the entry level kettlebell certification.

These instructors are trained in teaching the kettlebell swing, the turkish get-up, and the goblet squat.

The RKC, on the other hand, is a much more advanced and intense training certification.

It’s much more physically demanding and much more intense learning and teaching.

How do I know? I’ve done them both. The RKC is considered “The Gold Standard” in kettlebell training and it is.

Anyone that has been through the RKC system (or now StrongFirst) is highly qualified to teach proper kettlebell training.

In my opinion, reaching out to your local certified instructor is the best money you’ll ever spend.

You’re investing in the greatest asset you have which is yourself.  Don’t be cheap.

Now, what if you don’t have a local HKC or RKC?

What I would recommend is reaching out to find out who does online ‘coaching’ as a possible option.

You could certainly reach out and connect to a certified instructor via email to see how they can help or what other resources they could recommend to you.

Have a question or looking for help?

Then just email me at scott@rdellatraining.com.

There are other great instructional DVD’s and if you are a visual learner, you’ll benefit greatly.

Here’s another tip.

Video yourself after watching a DVD.

Does your form match what you’ve seen by the experts?

Do your best to make sure it does.

STEP #3:  Purchase your 1st Kettlebell (if you’re not enrolling in kettlebell classes.  And if you are enrolling in classes, buy a kettlebell anyway for your home use).

Assuming you’ve had your first session with a local instructor, you’re ready to purchase your first kettlebell.

After your instructor assesses where you are with your strength, you’re ready to get your kettlebell and really begin your journey towards physical dominance.

The kettlebell weight depends on whether you are male or female and if you are “average” strength.

In general, the average strength male can start with a 16 kg kettlebell (35 pounds) and the average strength female begins with an 8 kg kettlebell (18 pounds).

It’s a great starting point and all you need is one kettlebell for a few months until you learn the fundamental moves, which takes time and practice.

Believe me, you’ll get a lot out of training with just one kettlebell for a few months, as you’re learning.

That’s lead us up to step #4.

STEP #4:  Practice diligently and seek mastery in your fundamental skills.

By now, if you’ve purchased the book above, had a lesson or more, and own a kettlebell, I’d say you’re seriously committed.

That’s great and I’m excited for you to discover that this is a truly superior way to train and get yourself in peak physical condition.

So, what do you do now?

Practice, practice, practice my friend!

Keep going to classes, take workshops, read books, and watch more DVD’s.

The learning never ends.

This journey is just getting started.

Honestly, it takes a lot of practice to acquire these skilled movements, but once you do, you’re results will literally skyrocket.

Follow this plan to get started the right way with kettlebells.

TAKE ACTION and DO THIS for your own benefit.

I’ve laid out a simple checklist, so go get started…

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