13 Nov The Easy Way to Have Consistency With Your Workouts

ScheduleDo you want to know what the number one thing is that makes some people successful with their workouts while other people struggle?

There is one thing, by far, that makes certain people highly successful in sticking to their workouts and this is it.

It’s the effective use of time blocks.

Time blocks are exactly what you think they are, blocking out a designated time slot to get done what you need to.

And nothing interferes with time blocks, nothing.

Ask successful people who get things done what their secret is and you’ll find out, it’s time blocks.

While this seems simple and obvious, you may surprised how many people don’t use this proven, powerful strategy.

There are a few big reasons why people don’t use time blocks effectively.

  1. People get distracted.
  2. People don’t plan well.
  3. People spend time ‘reactively’ versus ‘proactively.’

Avoid distractions.

People constantly get distracted all the time by things that are really not relevant to their goals.  For example, browsing the internet is a classic distraction.  How much time to people typically waste on-line?  Think about it.  Your inbox, you tube videos, news, entertainment, social media, etc.  Things that aren’t relevant to a person’s goals.

Look at all those distractions.  There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but they can be a total drain on your time, if not managed properly. Learn how to minimize distractions and focus on what’s important.

People that schedule their exercise sessions realize that their health and fitness is a major priority and they schedule it in to their busy schedule.  If you think you have no time, it’s just that exercise isn’t a priority, plain and simple.  If it’s a priority, there’s always time, so ask yourself how much time per week you spend on-line, browsing the internet, watching TV, or getting distracted with something that really has no relevance to your goals.

Again, minimize distractions.

Poor planning.

Another simple way to use block time is to plan ahead.  Take a few minutes the night before and schedule your workout time with block time.  Very simple, right?   If you look carefully at your day, the night before, I guarantee you’ll find time to schedule in your workout.

You have no time?  You may only need 15 minutes in your schedule to block the time for a powerful, effective workout.  If you think 15 minutes isn’t enough time to have a good workout, think again.  Not only can you have an incredible workout in such a short time, but that may be all you can handle, depending on the type of program you do.  I’ll provide specific examples of these types of workouts soon.

Taking just a little time the day before to plan ahead is very powerful, that way you know exactly when your going to get it done.  Remember, nothing interferes with time blocks, nothing.

Be proactive, not reactive.

If you have effectively planned your day the night before with time blocks for your workout, meals, everything, then you are proactively controlling your day.  What most people do is live every day in reactivity.  They are reacting to emails, phone calls, things that come up, things that get them distracted, and on and on.  Of course things come up and may force you to move things around on occasion, but if you’ve proactively taken the time to schedule and plan your day, you’ll get things done and you’ll have much more consistency with your workouts, no matter how busy you are.

This is about taking control of your time and dictating your day.  Don’t live in reaction mode all the time.  We can all do a better job in this area.

If you learn how to use time blocks effectively it can change your life.

If you really want take control of your health, be consistent with your workouts, and get the results you want, then you must implement the simple method of using time blocks.

Time blocks are extremely powerful for workout consistency and so many other success habits, so before you say “I have no time,” you’ve got to put this “stealth method” to practice.

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