15 Dec The Edge of Strength

(#151) The Edge of Strength is finally here.

This episode (#151) is totally different from any show I’ve ever done.

In this special episode, I’ll explain all about my NEW book and why I had to write it.

I’ll share the entire story, including the struggles to complete the book and all the challenges I faced.

The Edge of Strength is truly an Unconventional Guide to Live Your Strength and Discover Your Greatness by focusing on what matters – a foundation of strength.

The book is:

  • 4 Major Sections
  • 27 Chapters
  • 296 Pages
  • And, Decades of Unique Insights and Lessons
  • It’s the BIG PICTURE in STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE for today’s fitness enthusiast.

I explain the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW in the book.

  • Why strength is the edge in life and sport
  • The 5 levels of strength – How strong is strong enough?
  • Essential Laws, Rules, and Concepts for long term success
  • “Strength Stacking” – The most proven and effective methods
  • A complete system to train stronger, smarter, and better

The Edge of Strength is NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon!


CLICK HERE to view in Amazon.

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