26 Aug The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Exercise Program

FrustrationYou’ve worked really hard getting back in shape.  It’s been a while now.  You’ve sacrificed, paid you’re dues to get a little leaner, build up some lean muscle, and start feeling good about yourself again.

Then, it happens.  Something happens that takes you out of your routine and totally “derails” your progress.

Unfortunately, that starts on downward spiral of bad eating, missed workouts, and a gradual return to the unhealthy and unfit lifestyle you were living before you started your fitness quest.

Things in life happen. Travel, holidays, work, new project, new job, major life change, perceived lack of time, whatever it is.  There’s always something that’s going to threaten your healthy lifestyle.

Listen, no one says this stuff is easy.

It’s not easy to keep fit, to stay in shape, to eat nutrition dense meals instead of “on the go” processed crap.  But, it’s all a choice, isn’t it?

Each piece of food we choose to put in our mouth, each exercise session we complete or choose not to do, each day we live to our full physical potential.  It’s all comes down to what’s most important to you.

Of course, things are going to happen to “de-rail” you from time to time, but the important thing is to persevere.

The ‘D’ word is the biggest threat to your exercise.  In this case, ‘D’ is for derailment.

It’s going to happen.  Just accept it.  But, don’t let what happens to most people, happen to you.  What happens to most is that once they get derailed, their done.  As in finished, likely never to return.  And the longer it goes that they don’t get their ‘mojo’ back, the more likely their healthy lifestyle is out in the wind.

So, no matter what happens in life, do all that you can to either push through the challenging circumstance to prevent derailment or return to your program and lifestyle as soon as you can.  It’s your choice, but realize that things will constantly challenge you in life and try to knock you out of your healthy way of living (assuming your living that way, of course).

I’ve seen it over and over again, people getting derailed from their exercise program or healthy eating style, only to have a situation completely disrupt their progress.  And when people get derailed, it’s usually for the long haul.

Here’s a 3 quick tips to prevent this major threat to your progress:

  1. Push through the situation, as best you can.  Don’t let anything derail your progress and your lifestyle.
  2. If a major life event comes up that disrupts your lifestyle, resume your previous healthy ways as soon as things settle. Be able to pick a likely date for when you may be able to return to your healthy ways.
  3. Never quit, just because something makes it more challenging for you.  Persevere, no matter what, in your quest for health or anything in life, for that matter.

Derailment is an all too common reason so many people fall out of their exercise or nutrition program.

Recognize it.  Know what your priorities are (hint: your health is paramount).  Don’t allow for the consequences of getting derailed in your exercise program, like so many others do.  If you’ve read this far, I know you’re committed to your health and I commend you for that.

Charge on comrade!  Let nothing derail your progress.

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