17 Sep The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Getting Started With Kettlebells

Kettlebell on Gym FloorIsn’t it time you started training with kettlebells?

Hopefully, by now, you know what they are. You’ve heard or read about all the benefits and success stories out there with this type of elite fitness training.

Maybe you’ve heard my story about how I’ve been training for nearly 30 years, but have been completely blown away at the sheer effectiveness of this total fitness training tool.

I mean it, this is the very best training modality out there.  There’s nothing better for complete and total fitness results, in my humble opinion.

Now, of course, there are other great training methods (barbells and dumbbells, body weight training, and other forms of resistance training) but, there is just something magical about training with kettlebells.

So, if you haven’t gotten started yet, this article is perfect for you.  This is exactly what you need to know.

Please take this seriously and remember what I’m about to tell you, so that you don’t make the mistake that I’ve seen others make.

Here it is, the most important thing you need to know about getting started with kettlebells.  It’s this: expect a learning curve and give it time.  It’s critical to give it a fair amount of time until you decide if it’s the right method for you and your specific goals.

What’s a fair amount of time?  That really depends on how quickly you learn and can start moving safely and effectively with a kettlebell.  But I would say on average, it’s about 2 weeks of working with a qualified instructor.  For the most comprehensive and safe training experience, get quality instruction from the gold standard in kettlebell training, the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor).

Now, why do I say this?  You might be thinking, “Hey, Scott, I can tell after one session if this is going to be something that I can benefit from.”  Well, that may or may not be true, again, it really depends on where you are and how quickly your body and mind are able to learn how to move properly and implement the techniques with optimum safety and effectiveness.

In my experience, it takes more than one session to do this and it doesn’t matter how much an athlete you already are or not. I’ve seen people that are in average or below average physical condition pick up the skills faster, in some cases, than people that are already “in shape” or conditioned.  Everyone moves differently and, amazingly, even a high level athlete can have longer learning curve with efficient kettlebell training.

This information is highly important because I truly would not want you to miss the opportunity to discover the most unbelievable fitness training method by bailing out after a session or two because you didn’t think it was right for you or that you were not going to get the benefits you’re looking for.

I can guarantee that if you give it the time to learn and then start implementing an effective program designed for your specific goals, they results will literally astound you.

Do not do allow yourself to ‘dabble’ in this type of training.  Take it seriously, recognize you may have a bit of a learning curve, and then prepare for some potentially dramatic results with this total body strengthening and conditioning system.  I must note that the dramatic results will be in combination with your specific nutrition strategy. Remember, exercise alone does not work and your nutritional habits are key.

I feel like this article is so key for your success.  I can’t stand to see people bail out before they’ve even given it a chance.  I know people are always looking for the “magic bullet.”  Maybe kettlebell training is as a close to a magic bullet as you can get, providing you put the work in to learn and master the fundamentals.  I should say, work very, very hard at the fundamental movements. Simple, but not easy.

If you haven’t gotten started with kettlebell training, I strongly urge you to take action, find a local instructor, and get started today.  And, give it time.  Take some time to learn the skills before you make any decisions about how effective this will be for you.  If you learn this correctly, you will have major success.

Let me know what questions you have or how I can help you get started.  I look forward to your fitness journey.

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