26 Nov The Rdella Rules: 12 Rules for Training Success

RdellaRulesWhat are the RDELLA RULES?

A set of 12 Rules for training success.

A framework of guiding principles that I’ve used throughout the years.

This is pretty much my training philosophy right here.

Simple and effective to maximize performance, minimize risk for injury, and get the best results.

Here they are:


Smart, safe training is rule #1, period.

We don’t do dumb stuff, we learn learn to listen to our body, and we always (always) refine our techniques (more on this below).

We do mobility work, we improve fundamental human movement, and we work on any deficiencies to optimize training performance.

We train safe, we train smart, and we minimize risk for injury.


Lift heavy stuff (safely).  No “toning” or light weights, this is about getting stronger and accomplishing more.

No matter what the current defined goal is, we need to train for strength.


It’s simple. Strength helps everything else.

All things being equal, if you have an ‘average’ athlete and a ‘strong’ athlete, who wins?

The stronger athlete wins every time.

Don’t forget this great quote from Eric Cressey: “Strength is the glass.  Everything else is the liquid inside the glass. The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.”

Enough said on the importance of strength.


Fundamentals are the key.

Why are the “elite” the “elite?”

Because they are better at the fundamentals than everyone else.

End of story…


Another key to performance is “practice.”

Talent improves through deliberate practice.

Results improves by meticulous habits of practice.  Just ask any great champion or top performer.

If we want better results, then we need to have better practice habits.

Always practice and work on technique.

Seek mastery.


Set an ambitious goal, a defined goal.

While we need to be realistic, we shouldn’t be afraid of setting the bar high.

Clearly define the #1 goal and aim high to achieve it.

What’s your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

Think both short term and long term with this.

6.) PLAN.

Program planning is essential if we want to rise from the “status quo.”

We need a defined goal (rule #5) and a blueprint to achieve the goal.

If we don’t plan effectively, we’re wasting our time.


A solid plan isn’t enough though.

We have to carry out the plan through to completion.

Finish what we start.

Pick a plan and implement the plan.


While following the plan is critical for success, don’t be afraid to adjust or tweak the plan along the way.

This may be necessary sometimes.

Even a perfectly designed plan may need minor adjustments, so constantly evaluate and assess if you’re moving towards your goals.

Follow the plan, but don’t be afraid to adjust to make sure you’re making the progress you want.


Rest, recover, and take appropriate time off between hard training sessions.

Get enough sleep, don’t overtrain, and manage stress and fatigue.

Recognize signs of inadequate recovery.

It is a HUGE mistake to ignore this rule.


If we’re truly are committed to getting better, then we never stop learning.

Always work on improving your skill set, read, attend workshops, and find great coaches and mentors.

Never, ever stop being a student.

Experts are students, first and always.”

11.) EAT WELL.

Nutrition could easily be an entirely new set of rules.

To keep it simple, we must eat for health and performance.

Always read and learn more about optimal nutrition to get even better results.

If we ignore this, we’re greatly compromising our health, strength, body composition, recovery, and physical potential.

Eat as many whole food sources as possible and eat to optimize performance.


Don’t get caught up in any ridiculous training methods, fads, gimmicks, or programs.

Listen to common sense, look for what the science reveals, and practice what’s time tested and proven.

Keep it simple, keep it focused, and don’t get distracted.

Nope, no bullshit is allowed.


Again, these are my rules that have worked for me through the years.

These are my core principles.

Hope it was helpful and if you use this, it can and will work for you.

If you got value from this, please share it.


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