12 Oct The Simple Training Formula That Gets Results

Plan The WorkThis is how many people train.

They go to the gym, box, bootcamp, or train at home.

They get in their workout of the day, which could be anything from “cardio” and strength training to specific “body part” training.

3 sets of this, 4 sets of that, chest work, arm work, maybe some leg work, some conditioning or “cardio” and call it a day.

Or maybe they just follow their WOD (workout of the day).

Again, they “workout” in a very generalized, random approach based on how they feel or what the WOD calls for.

Sound familiar?

C’mon, we’ve all been there and I did this for years in my training.

This is the vast majority of exercisers.

Go to the gym, workout, rinse and repeat.

Random and generalized.

Variety training is fine at certain time periods in the training cycle.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that a month later, a few months later, or even a year later, you may be in the exact same spot you’re in today.

That’s a problem.

No improvement or progress towards your goals, despite spending time in the gym “working out.”

Random training produces random results, if any results at all.

To get real results, we must have a plan and follow the plan.

It’s really that simple.

You know it, I know it.


A structured program gives us clarity, focus, and progression.

A program is a roadmap for training success and getting the results we want, but it’s amazing how many of us train randomly without following a progressive approach.

It’s really surprising considering we KNOW that this is our ticket to getting results.

I hate to admit this, but I made this huge mistake in my own training and wondered why I stayed the same (and even regressed) over a span of many years.

It all starts with the question.


Can yon honestly answer this question right now?

What is the number one goal or thing you want to achieve with your training?

In my opinion, this is the big stumbling block many people encounter and why they don’t follow a program.

They either don’t know what they want or they want everything all at once.

Many of us want multiple things, we want to burn body fat, build muscle, get stronger, perform at a high level, feel resilient and energetic, improve mobility and athleticism, feel proud and confident, and the list can go on and on here.

Being “more fit” is NOT a goal at all, we have to specifically define what that means.

What do you want to be able to do, what do you want to look like, how do you want to feel, what are you trying to accomplish?

Here’s the simple way to decide on your big goal right now.

Make a short list of the things you want, make them objective and measurable (as best you can).

Now, pick the top thing (desire, want, need, accomplishment) from that list and make that your ONE THING you’ll focus on.

Again, pick ONE THING.

If you do this, a couple of great things will happen.

  1. You now have complete FOCUS and CLARITY on exactly what you want.
  2. Other things will likely be accomplished as a by-product of that #1 goal.

For example, if your top goal is fat loss, you can also work on performance and conditioning as secondary benefits from your focus on the goal of fat loss.

You could easily exchange fat loss for conditioning, and still have the same top goals in the mix, where conditioning is the focus (the ONE BIG GOAL), but fat loss and performance are the by-products of that primary goal.

Make sense?

ONE GOAL = TOTAL FOCUS (plus secondary benefits)

I’m telling you, this is the formula for long term training success and results beyond your expectations.

You have multiple things you want right?


One goal now, then another goal later.

You have to know your ONE BIG GOAL.

This is really the KEY to getting everything you want.

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