20 Jan The Steve Jobs Approach To Fitness

Here’s a totally different way to think about peak performance training.

We can learn a whole lot from Steve Jobs, but how can you apply his brilliance to training?

How’s this for a different perspective on fitness?

Yes, there’s a lot we can use here that’s actually very applicable to your fitness success.  Let’s take a look from the perspective of a genius.

Here’s 7 success principles that you can use to get the health and fitness results you want, with a totally different perspective. These are 7 great life and business philosophies, just being applied toward your fitness goals, that’s all.

Inspiring, focused, brilliant, and insanely different.

Do What You Love.

Principle #1 here is to do what you love.  This is a great example of doing the things that you enjoy because if you don’t, chances are pretty good that you won’t do them.  I’m pretty sure we agree on that.  For example, I’m a big fan of kettlebell training, as you may already know by now.  I love training with kettlebells and other forms of resistance training.  I must love it, I’ve been doing it for almost 30 years (resistance training, that is). The point is, you’ve got to find something you like to do.  What form of exercise is going to be best for you? Do what you enjoy, do what you love to do.

Put a Dent in the Universe.

Maybe this should be “put a dent in YOUR universe”. What is your vision for what you want to achieve?  Do you want to get in phenomenal shape and get a set of six pack abs or do you just want to lose 10 pounds and feel better about yourself?  What would you want to achieve if you knew you absolutely could?  Think big, think clear, think differently about your vision of what you’re going after. Define it and own it.

Kick Start Your Brain.

Think differently than you ever have.  Have you failed in the past?  Have you had challenges achieving your desired weight or not reaching the outcome that you wanted in the past? Don’t let this stop you from future success.  The past is the past.  Simply change your approaches, methods, or tactics used.  Be determined to commit to your plan, give it appropriate time, and change course along the way.  Do what is necessary to achieve your outcome.  Most people fail at their fitness plan for simple reasons, such as lack of consistency or giving up to soon. The principles of success in fitness are very similar to the principles of success in life and business.  Use the power of your brain to get the outcome you want.

Sell Dreams, Not Products.

This is the end result you’re going after.  What is the dream you have for yourself?  I guess you could say, what is the fantasy you have about yourself?  As above, be clear on what you want to achieve and why not dream a little and think big about your outcome.  What is your ultimate dream and desire for your body, your health, your physical being?  Envision the dream and go for it!

Say No to 1,000 Things.

This point is great because the headline alone says “self discipline”.  Say no to 1,000 thing, as it applies here, means developing a strong sense of self discipline.  Being focused on your outcome and being willing to do a little sacrifice along the way to get what you want.  Everyone is different, everyone has different levels of self discipline, but if you have no control in what you’re eating or in your commitment to exercise, this is something you’ll need to develop in order for you to succeed.  Take it in small steps at a time, instead of trying to change everything all at once.  Say no to the wrong foods, at the wrong time.  Say no to excuses for not exercising.  And say no to abandoning your plan, commit and stick with it, no matter what.

Create Insanely Great Experiences.

Create a wonderful experience in your brain for your new lifestyle. Envision the experience you’ll have as you’re getting closer to getting the body you want, the high energy life you deserve, and the proud feeling and new self confidence you’ll have.  Envision a great, rewarding, and fulfilling experience along your journey to peak health and fitness.  Create great experiences along the way, even before you get there.  Envision great experiences with your training sessions and nutritional plan.  Create great experiences, not dreaded tasks.

Master The Message.

This is your story.  As you embark on a new path toward you’re goals, what’s your story going to be?  Are you an overweight and out of shape business professional who sheds 25 pounds to get in amazing shape with time efficient kettlebell training to look and feel better than he or she ever has? How about a new mom who gets back to her pre-pregnancy bodyweight and in better shape than she’s ever been with cutting edge training and effortless nutrition planning and now looks “hot” again. Or possibly a 40 year old dad who gets in his best shape EVER doing short, high intensity interval workouts in less time imaginable and attains peak energy, health, and fitness. Or the “slightly out of shape” mom that started exercising again, improved her diet, developed a new lifestyle, and now fits back in her “skinny jeans” and feels full of energy, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. Seriously, what’s your story?  Create it before you begin. Who are you now, what will you do, what will your outcome be?  Write a one line short story and “master the message.”  Then do it.

This is definitely a little different approach to thinking about your training.

The bottom line is that these principles can be applied to anything, it’s all about your perspective.

Why not model one of the greatest minds of our time and apply the same rules for success to training and performance.

Go ahead, “Put a dent the the Universe.”

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