22 Nov The Ultimate Stealth Fitness Training Method

question markWhat if I told you there was one training method that could be done in less time than you could imagine and could address every single one of your fitness goals?

What training method could really help you feel younger, stronger, healthier, and more powerful in your body, without spending hours day in the gym?

And, what if this training method could literally obliterate body fat, build incredible stamina and cardiovascular endurance while ‘injury proofing’ your body in the process?

Whether your goals are fat loss, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, strengthening, muscle building, performance enhancement, total body conditioning or an elite level of health and fitness.

You can immerse yourself in this type of training (as I did) and discover this for yourself or you can simply learn of few of the key exercises and implement them into your current training program.  Either way, you’ll experience awesome benefits.

Are you interested?

What if I told you it’s not some gimmick or fitness fad, but it’s a training method that’s so powerful, it’s been around for more than a hundred years, yet still is widely unknown to the general population.

I know this because I talk to people everyday and find out that so many people still have no idea about this ultra powerful fitness and performance tool.

You can probably guess what I’m talking about, right?

The method I’m talking about here is the ultimate, number one stealth training method for total fitness success.

That method is kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training is the ultimate stealth training method because it’s proven, it delivers incredible results, and it’s incredibly simple.  Keep in mind, simple does not mean easy.

Training with kettlebells is not easy by any stretch, but it is so simplistic, it’s ridiculous.

I’m amazed every single day that I talk to people and realize most people still have no idea what a kettlebell is and what the benefits are, yet everyone wants to get fit in minimal time.

Why are kettlebells different from anything else?

The simple answer is the shape of the device and the movements that you perform with them.  There is something very, very different about the design of the kettlebell and the exercises that you can do that make it totally different and highly effective versus anything else.  Different from dumbbells, barbells, everything.

Of course, other training methods are effective.  There’s no disputing that, but kettlebells are quite possibly the most effective training tool in the toolbox.  If you learn how to use them correctly, that is.  Correct use is the whole key to getting the major benefits.

If someone were to say that kettlebells are just another tool in the toolbox, I would say that person has simply not learned how to use kettlebells the right way and has not experienced the full benefits of kettlebells..

Now, if someone has had the proper training, then I would say that most people would agree with me on the effectiveness of this tool.  Kettlebells are something special and offer superior results in less time and can cover a range of fitness goals.

For a beginner, here’s what you need to do.

Learn how to do these 2 exercises the right way.  The exercises are:

The Swing  (NOTE:  I’m not going to get into the specifics of these exercises here, however, look for video demos and tutorials on this)

The Turkish Get Up

These 2 exercises alone will make such a huge difference in your training.

If you’ve done them correctly, then you already know exactly what I mean.

But, the key to these exercises are to do them correctly.

Look for the instructional videos coming very soon that will demonstrate how to do these exercises the right way.

There’s too many You Tube videos out there that simply do not show you the proper technique with these very important and effective movements.

And yes, they are movements, not just exercises.  They are skilled moves that teach your body how to move better and offer what I call “big bang” results.

“Big bang” results means that you are going to get many different benefits from doing an exercise.  For example, if you want to achieve fat loss, improved endurance, muscle strength and power, injury prevention, and total body conditioning, that’s what you’ll get with these 2 exercises.  That’s “big bang” results.

If there is one high impact stealth training method, no doubt about it, it’s Russian kettlebell training.

If you haven’t discovered this for yourself, then seriously, what are you waiting for?  You want results, right?

For all the kettlebell training resources you need and a complete list of certified trainers, go to DragonDoor.com.

In another article coming soon, I’ll reveal my complete list of other stealth training methods.

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