19 Dec The Zen of Kettlebells

ZenI write a lot about kettlebells for many reasons.

One of the most important reasons I write about them is because kettlebells are a simple fitness training tool that offers many benefits.

Remember, simple doesn’t mean easy.

If you’re a newbie to kettlebells, make sure you go back and read some of my previous articles on kettlebell training like Kettlebells 101.

One thing that’s really unique about kettlebells is how ‘zen like’ they are.

What I mean by this is that you get into flow with kettlebell training.

Flow is an optimal experience or peak state as described in the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Obviously, being in a peak state is a good thing.  Believe me, I just went and spent some time learning from the man himself, Tony Robbins, about the importance of being in peak state.

If you’re in peak state, there’s almost no limitations.

When you’re in peak state, your results can be dramatic.

Kettlebells allows us to get in a peak state faster.

They allow us to get into “flow.”

What do I mean?

Kettlebell training is total body movement training.

It’s total body strengthening and conditioning, unlike any other training method I’ve experienced.

You want fat loss?  Weight loss?  You want to build lean muscle?  How about cardio?

You want to feel better, get stronger, build your self confidence and do it all in less time?

Kettlebells are a big part of those wants.

Good nutrition and getting the right instruction also plays a big part of this equation, as well.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about training with kettlebells.

Here’s the key.

Once you get moving, you get in flow.

You entire body begins to move better.

And, sometimes you get in a ‘zen like rhythm’ that is much like martial arts, yoga, or even a great golf swing.

It’s the zen of human movement.

It’s a very high level, skillful movement.

A good kettlebell swing, turkish get up, or kettlebell snatch are great examples of the exercises that get you in flow.

When you’re training and you go into flow, your brain is firing, your muscles are expanding, your lungs are filling with air, your heart is pumping, and your movement is graceful.

That’s an optimal experience.

It’s a thing a beauty and power, providing you have a good base of movement with kettlebells.

When the movement become easy and effortless (meaning that you don’t have to over think how to move or think what to do) this is the zen of kettlebells.

This is also when the results will blow you away.

The body in flow is powerful.

As a side note, the research is mounting on the positive effects of brain function and exercise.

The research I’ve read has discussed how even low level exercise a few times a week can significantly influence brain function.

And, with the total body movements that are performed with a ketttlebell and the cardiovascular benefits that come with it, I would suspect that brain power is “off the charts” due to the intensity and impact on your entire body, training with a kettlebell.

For someone that has truly learned how to use kettlebells properly, training with kettlbells is an amazing.

Again, think of the mind-body connection, similar to that of martial arts or yoga, but with the added benefits of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

Kettlebells are the ultimate full body power training method.

Here’s an example of a simple workout that will put you in a zen like state of flow:

  • Kettlebell Swings (20 to 50 reps with a moderate to heavy kettlebell)
  • Turkish get ups (2 each side with a moderate weight)
  • Kettlebell snatches (10 reps each side)
  • Kettlebell Cleans & Presses (10 reps each side)
  • Goblet squats (10 reps)
REST and REPEAT, 3 to 5 rounds.

Doing the above exercises with minimal rest in between is a great way to get in flow!

The swings are the initial movement that brings you into this state very quickly.

This exercise is the catalyst for your optimal experience.

Like I’ve stated many times, they are one of the most powerful training tools we have in our toolbox.

Discover the zen of kettlebells.

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