09 Apr The Best Exercise For Six Pack Abs – That You’ve Probably Never Done.

Six pack abs. Who doesn’t want a leaner, tighter stomach?

Well, there’s a lot to it and if your nutrition is dialed in – forget about it.

But what exercise is the best to get the six pack?

That’s a debatable question, but it might surprise you that I wouldn’t put crunches at the top of the list.

To build a rock-solid midsection, there are definitely some great exercise options that don’t involve crunches.

Here’s an exercise that will definitely surprise most people.  And, I can bet that most have never even experienced this powerful exercise before.

And, I can bet that most have never even experienced this powerful exercise before.

This is a movement that’s absolutely brutal for full body strength and power.

I’m talking about an exercise that works your entire body in a way that’s extremely physically demanding – and if you do it right, you’ll be gasping for air after you’re done your set.

This is a movement that works your key trunk stabilizer muscles (abs, back, and hips) like no other, especially considering it’s a “perceived” lower body exercise.

I never knew how hard this  was until just the past couple of years, when I learned how to perform it correctly.

In addition to firing your abs at a high level, it also works your forearms, upper arms, shoulders, and legs in new and challenging ways.

What is it?

The exercise is The Double Kettlebell Front Squat.

First, any time you bring in double kettlebells (as opposed to one kettlebell), now you’ve just taken your training up to an entirely new level.

Single kettlebell exercises are amazing.

But, when you go to doubles, it’s an entirely new level of training, skill, challenge, and total body training.

As I’ve previously described, double kettlebell complexes are highly challenging and are a great way to take your training to a higher level.

But this type of training is not meant for beginners.

You must first establish a good baseline of single kettlebell training fundamentals before going to double kettlebell training.

With that said, double kettlebell front squats (DKFS) are one of the best total body exercises and a great exercise for forging a set of six pack abs.

Heck, let’s face it, most kettlebell exercises just flat out rock your body because they’re all full body exercises.

Here’s why DKFS is such a higher level of training.

Let me walk you through this grueling exercise.


First, ‘clean’ the kettlebells up to the rack position (shoulder height, kettlebells tucked in your chest, or slightly out to the side if you’re a woman).


Next, spread your feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointed out just slightly.


Maintaining the 2 kettlebells in this position, you are squatting down slowly to a rock bottom full squat position where you pause for a second or two, then powerfully exhale slowly on your ascent.

And keep a tall spine – very important!

Now repeat for another 4 to 9 reps and see how you feel (for 5-10 reps total).

Think about the challenge of the sustained heavy front load from the kettlebells as you repeat each rep – it’s tough!

What do you think that does to your abs?

They’re tense the entire duration, forced to stabilize the heavy anterior (front) load.

Also think about the constant tension on your forearms, arms, deltoids, back, and obviously your legs, as your squatting up and down.

If you get 10 good reps with a moderate weight, you’re likely breathing pretty hard when you’re done.

Now, do a few more hard sets like this and tell me how you feel.

It’s the ultimate total body challenge.

This is an extremely powerful exercise.

The biggest mistake with this exercise is thinking it’s just a leg exercise.

This total body exercise is going to help stimulate powerful hormones, such as growth hormone, to build lean muscle and burn more body fat.

To get a tighter, leaner midsection – the six pack, the DKFS is outstanding.

It’s possibly the best exercise for six pack abs that you’re not doing.

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  • Erik Hakansson
    Posted at 15:08h, 05 June Reply

    Hey Scott,

    I neglected the DKFS for a long time just because it was so darn tough.

    A few week ago I stumbles across this article and decided to focus on this exercise for a few weeks. Holy smokes the results have been great! My hips and abs have become so much stronger and that tree trunk that Ive always wanted is now a realistic target!

    Thank you so much!

    // Erik

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