01 Jan Review: The Top Fitness Trends This Year

(#47) What are this year’s top fitness trends?

Find out in this episode.

There are trends and there are fads.

I’ll explain the difference and why it’s important to understand this and where things are headed in 2014.

The message here is knowing what is time tested and proven compared to the silly fitness fads that come and go each year in the fitness industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast episode:

  • What the hottest trends all have in common
  • How the data emerged to discover these emerging trends
  • Why we need to know where things are headed
  • What fitness trends we can count on in the future
  • How to use this information in your own training approach
  • And, much more…

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To read more on The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, click here.

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