19 Oct How To Think Like An Athlete And Become Your Best Self

There is an athlete inside every one of us.

Do you agree with that?

Let me tell you why I believe this is true.

Whether or not you’ve competed in sports, we all have athletic qualities in each of us.

We have innate characteristics that are held by elite athletes.

The question is, do you believe that?

You see, we all have same ability to use our minds and physical being to reach our full potential.

Notice that I said, to reach “our full potential.”

Your potential is different from my potential.

And my potential is different from an elite athlete.

We are all different, yet we all have the ability to develop to our potential.

That’s not saying that we have the ability or potential to become the next Michael Jordan in basketball.

It’s saying that we have the ability to become “our best” – no matter what.

When you think about it, we all deserve that.

What is your inner athlete?

No matter what the answer, it probably means becoming more today than you were yesterday.

For most of us, it probably means developing a more athletic body.

Well, what does that mean?

Developing the “athletic body” may mean the lean image we have of a well-conditioned athlete who’s muscular, fit, and durable.

A body that can can run, climb, lift, jump and perform the desired activities that we need to perform for a high-performance life.

It’s a body that looks good, feels good, and definitely performs good.

Maybe it’s having a well defined midsection, the hallmark of ultimate fitness: the 6 pack abs, or maybe it’s being stronger and more powerful.

When would that ever not be desired?

Whatever the athletic body is to you, you can achieve it if you simply do the right things to move you towards the goal.

If you’ve never considered yourself an athlete, everything starts with mindset – and specifically, belief.

Maybe you were an athlete and had the athletic body once before in your younger days, but somehow you got off track.

Life took over.

We can find a million excuses why we can’t be that athlete or have the athletic body.

We’re too old.

We can’t do what we used to.

We can’t move well.

We’re too broken down and injured.

These are limiting beliefs.

Now, I don’t now you and your situation, but I do know we are capable of a whole lot – at any age.

The reality is that if we don’t have the belief in ourselves, that’s hard to overcome.

Mindset shift is essential.

Everyone of of us capable of something great.

Everyone of us is capable of improving by 1% today as compared to yesterday.

Am I wrong about that?

Remember this.

If you are exercising on a regular basis, you are by definition, an athlete.

An athlete is a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

That’s the dictionary definition of an athlete, so don’t short change yourself.

Again, if you exercise, you are an athlete.

If you’re not exercising, ask yourself why and be honest about it.

We all know how good exercise is for the human body and the benefits are endless.

You have amazing potential, why do we not maximize it?

What’s stopping you?

My observation is that while many recreational exercises may engage in regular training, they fail to apply the 1% rule and work to constantly improve themselves.

The point of this article to always evolve and train so that you are getting better in some way.

Train like an athlete in the sense that you are constantly working to improve yourself.


Train to get better.

Train for the long haul.

Train for life – not just for the 6-pack and vanity goals.

This is where the road starts to unleashing your inner athlete that is inside each of us.

Athletes train with purpose.

We all have our own “greatness.”

Again, what’s stopping you from becoming your best self?

Start with BELIEF and call yourself the athlete that you are.

By the way, thinking like an athlete has no age restrictions, only the self-limiting beliefs that you may hold yourself to.

We can always grow, we can always develop, we can always evolve.


Scott’s background as a strength coach, athlete, and former clinician are the basis for his one-of-a-kind approach to teaching strength, human movement, and peak performance. Scott is dedicated to helping serious fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and lifters all over the world, regardless of age, background, or training experience, become the best version of themselves through improved strength and skill development for a lifetime of health, happiness, and high-performance.

Scott is the passionate host of The Rdella Training Podcast, a leading weekly fitness podcast in Apple Podcasts where he interviews the most brilliant minds in the industry. Finally, he is the author of The Edge of Strength, available in Amazon and currently working on his follow-up book. To learn more about Scott, please visit our About Page.

Get stronger, perform better, and evolve into the athlete you were meant to be.

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