19 Oct Unleashing Your Inner Athlete

I believe there’s an athlete in each one of us.

Whether or not you’ve competed in sports or not, there’s an athlete inside of you.  We all have that inner drive.

You see, we all the the same ability to use our minds and bodies to reach our full potential.

Notice I said, to reach “our” full potential.

That’s not saying that we have the ability or potential to be the next Michael Jordan in basketball or Maria Sharapova in Tennis.

It’s saying that we have the ability to be at “our” best.  We all deserve that.  You deserve that.

What is the athlete in you?

Maybe it’s having the athletic body.

The athletic body may be the lean image we have of a well conditioned athlete who’s muscular, fit, and durable.

A body that can can run, climb, lift, jump and perform the random activities that we ask of it.

It’s a body that looks good, feels good, and definitely performs well.

Maybe it’s having a well defined midsection, the hallmark of ultimate fitness: the 6 pack abs, or maybe it’s being stronger.

Whatever the athletic body is to you, you can achieve it, if you get started and simply do the right things to move you towards the goal.

If you’ve never considered yourself an athlete, you must believe you are.

Maybe you were an athlete and had that body once before, in your younger days, but somehow got off track.

Life took over.

We can find a million excuses why we can’t be that athlete or have the athletic body, that we all want.

The reality is that if we don’t have our vision what of our inner athlete is, we won’t get it.

Maybe we really don’t believe we can because we’ve never thought of ourselves as an athlete.  Like I said, there’s an athlete inside everyone, you just have to truly believe that and then take steps toward it.

It doesn’t have to be hard either.

If you are exercising, you are, by definition, an athlete.

An athlete is a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

That’s the dictionary definition of an athlete, so don’t short change yourself.

If you exercise, you are an athlete.

If you’re not exercising, ask yourself why and be honest about it.

You know damn well how good it is for you, the benefits are endless and you know it.

You have amazing potential, so why not tap into that potential.  What’s stopping you?

Do you want to know the secret of getting started?

Just start.

Yes, just start doing something today.

Start moving more, which means start walking more, pick up some weights a few times a week, or specifically start doing some push-ups.

It doesn’t get any more basic or simplistic than push-ups and do not disregard how highly effective push-ups are for you when done properly.

If you have no equipment, have no time, and aren’t sure what to do, just begin with a simple push-up program for starters?

See how many you can do.  That’s your baseline, then repeat a for 2 more sets.

That’s where it starts.

Next time you do this, try to increase the reps by 5 and do the workout 3 times a week.

You can to do the same with bodyweight squats, as well.

Two simple exercises are a total body workout in a short amount of time.

A simple starter system with no equipment and minimal time required.

This is where the road starts to unleashing your inner athlete.

So, what are you waiting for?

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