11 Aug (VIDEO) How To Do The Turkish Get Up (Unweighted)

Here’s a short demo of the Turkish Get Up, with no weight.

The most important thing to to remember about the get up, as it’s demonstrated here, is to learn the movement in a slow, controlled, safe technique before adding a weight to the movement.

Once the movement is learned, THEN, a weight is added and progressed to take this exercise to an entirely new level for incredible results.

It’s a very special and unique movement pattern and highly effective exercise with numerous benefits.

This video demonstrates 2 versions:

  1. The high bridge
  2. The low sweep

You’ll see the differences in the video.

My personal preference is the “high bridge” technique because it offers much more hip and trunk stability, mobility, and strength.

The get up is a fundamental kettlebell exercise, however, it can be done with other modalities, as well.

I’ll have much more to come on how to do this exercise.

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  • joseph
    Posted at 12:51h, 14 August Reply

    Hey Scott, thanks for another great video! Keep cranking them out

    Rdella Training is one of my go to sites for cutting edge KB information. Thanks!

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