05 Apr What’s The Best Kettlebell Brand?

I’m asked all the time, “Scott, what brand of kettlebells do you recommend?”

Well, here’s the answer.

First, let me say, all of these brands are excellent.

I recommend them all based on the high quality.

For a long time, I always recommended one particular brand, with another brand (not listed here) as a less expensive alternative.

The less expensive brand was not a good, as you might expect, but it was definitely a solid kettlebell for the cost conscious.

Remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”

This is usually true, although times are changing.

You’ll see what I mean in the comparison below.

So, here’s the best kettlebell brands, based on my experience.

I own all 3 of these brands (in addition to others).

Do I have a preference?

Let’s find out.

RKC BellBRAND 1.)  RKC Kettlebell from Dragon Door.

The RKC kettlebell is, without a doubt, a high-quality kettlebell.

The shape, design, handle, coating, and concentration of mass make it one of the best.

I have had some issues (an “uneven” bottom with a couple of bells), but I believe this may not be an issue with the newer ones.

You have to remember that all kettlebells are not the same and there can be significant variation from brand to brand (although the gap is definitely narrowing).

The newer RKC bells are smoother, have a tough, chip-resistant surface and unique design that allows for optimal training with kettlebells.

The quality does come at a cost, as these are still some of the most expensive kettlebells on the market.

And with shipping costs, it definitely adds up.

CONSUMER COST:  The cost for a 24kg kettlebell is $118.75 plus shipping (my cost $57.73) for a total of $176.48.

An alternative to get the kettlebell less the shipping charge is to find a local distributor and pick up the kettlebells yourself.

KB USA KettlebellBRAND 2.)  Kettlebells USA Metrixx E-coat Kettlebell.

(Please note: the picture here is a 40 kg kettlebell, which is why it looks a little different from the others.)

This kettlebell is essentially identical, for all practical purposes, to the RKC kettlebell.

Same body design, shape, handle, and chip resistant “e-coat” surface.

The surface is one of the key features in a quality kettlebell, as you need a smooth, textured surface for high volume training, yet you need something that won’t chip if you happen to bang the handle.

The “e-coat” surface is excellent and won’t chip off easily.

The kettlebells USA is an excellent kettlebell.

Like I said, it’s essentially the same as the RKC kettlebell, except at a discounted price.

One other thing to be aware of on the price is that Kettlebells USA has daily specials, so you’ll likely be able to get the bell you want at an even lower discounted price.

The price below is the regular price (not the discounted price).

CONSUMER COST:  The cost for a 24kg kettlebell is $85.99 plus shipping (my cost $41.46) for a total of $127.45.  

Rogue BellBRAND 3.)  The ‘NEW’ Rogue Kettlebell.

(*NOTE: At the time this article is being released, the inventory of most weight sizes is currently “out of stock.” Obviously, these kettlebells are selling well and I’m not surprised, as you’ll read my review below).

Rogue recently released a new line of kettlebells, which are great looking kettlebells.

I’m a huge fan of Rogue equipment, but didn’t like their kettlebells at all.

Until now, that is.

I just received the new kettlebells and they are absolutely awesome!

The shape, dimensions, coating, and handle are all superb.

This is very similar to the other high-quality kettlebells, although the handle is possibly just a bit more open.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference in performance and the bells feel excellent with the kettlebell ballistics and grinds.

The matte black powder coat finish has an awesome feel to it and has a seamless handle with no lines (as do the other bells above).

This is what you want.

They also added a color coding system, where each different weight has a different color at the base of the handle.

This is actually a very nice feature to identify the weight you need quickly, especially if you have a lot of kettlebells.

But, if there is a deal breaker, it may be the price.

Wow!  I couldn’t believe such a high-quality kettlebell was selling for this price.

My initial purchase was 4 kettlebells (as I had received positive feedback from a Facebook friend prior to my purchase) and they are all excellent quality.

Each kettlebell had a very consistent finish (the same on each bell) and has a flat bottom, with no defect.

Did I mention my RKC kettlebell had an irregular defect on the bottom so that it “wobbles” when placed on the ground.

This is not good if you’re doing renegade rows with this pair of kettlebells.

I also performed high rep snatches with the Rogue kettlebell to see how the textured handle was on my hand.

Did it cause any problems with high volume work?

Nope, not all.

Smooth and comfortable.

Excellent handle and finish for high rep snatches, which was the final check off for a quality kettlebell.

Now, take a look at the cost below for this product.

CONSUMER COST:  The cost for a 24kg kettlebell is $62.50 plus shipping (my cost is $23.01) for a total of $85.51.

And, here’s an “honorable mention” on one more brand.

While I don’t have this kettlebell, I have trained with it before and it’s an excellent kettlebell.

It’s the Perform Better kettlebell, which again, is very similar to the RKC kettlebell.

Another quality, excellent priced kettlebell.

So, what brand do I recommend?

Here’s a quick video review on my take on kettlebell brands.

These are all great, high-quality kettlebells, without question.

Maybe there’s a brand I now prefer, but I would recommend any of them for serious kettlebell training.

The brand that’s the best is the brand that works for you.

Price is obviously a consideration.

All of these are great quality options.

Well, you have my “scouting report” with my analysis and comparison, now the choice is yours.

Hope this helps you in determining what’s the best kettlebell for your training.

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