23 Aug Why We All Need A Coach

I remember not too long ago interviewing Dan John for the podcast.

In the interview, he mentioned that he had a coach to help him with his training.

I was shocked that even Dan John had a coach, but quickly realized how right he was.

You see, we all need a coach, no matter what level we’re at.

We all need a coach to get to the next level – assuming you want to actually get to the next level and I’m sure you do.

Here’s 7 reasons why we all need a coach.


Sometimes we get stuck in our training.

When we get stuck, we need help.

Maybe we’re not clear on our goals.

Maybe we’re doing the wrong things.

Or maybe we’ve just plateaued and we need the extra “edge.”

A great coach can help you get unstuck by taking a strategic assessment and see where you are.

And then help to formulate a plan for progression.

At some point in your training, you’re going to hit a wall, you’re going to get stuck.

It happens to all of us, that’s the way it is.

To get unstuck, you need a great coach to help you so that you can keep making forward progress.


We can’t always see the things we’re doing wrong.

For example, I can take short videos of myself with Olympic lifting and observe some of the technical faults going on, for sure.

But, at some point, I’m going to need another set of eyes to see what I’m doing and to see the things I can’t.

I need that outside perspective to see what I’ve been missing.

The fact is that you need more than just your own feedback.

And, if you’re a coach or trainer yourself, you may think you can coach yourself – but this is mistake.

You need a coach to see what you cannot, it’s really that simple.

Having another pair of eyes on you is invaluable.


Next, you need crucial feedback that can help you improve.

How can you improve if you don’t have feedback about what you’re doing?

Again, we can try to assess what we’re doing ourselves.

We can do that with limited success and we should be evaluating how we’re progressing with our training.

But, we also need outside feedback, as well.

Applying constructive feedback is essential to move forward.

A coach can give us the crucial feedback we must have to advance.


This is a big one because it’s those new little insights that can transcend our performance to new levels.

Let’s look at a few examples here.

If you’re not breathing properly with the kettlebell swing, your performance will be limited.

If you’re missing the “power position” during the power clean, your performance will be limited.

If you’re set up is bad for a deadlift, you’re lift will be bad from the start.

It’s these types of insights that make the biggest difference.

And, it’s these things that we need a great coach for – so that they can help us with key insights that transcend our performance.


We train to get results, right?

As I mentioned, sometimes we get stuck.

But, if you want the best results from your training, you simply have to have a great coach to get you where you want to be.

Sure, you can go at it yourself, but if you really want the best results possible – you need a great coach.

A coach will help you get the results you’re looking for.

And, not having a coach can limit how much you actually achieve.


Guidance is key.

I’m talking about getting the right guidance about what it is you’re doing.

Whether that’s with:

  • technique work
  • programming
  • progressions or regressions
  • nutrition
  • short term and long term planning
  • skill development
  • sticking points
  • program strategy
  • training challenges
  • competition prep
  • certification prep
  • specific fitness goals

You need the proper guidance to advance.

Without guidance, there is no advancement.


If you truly want to get to the next level – a coach will get you there.

When I started attending “live” seminars and workshops many years ago, that’s when I realized how critically important it is to have great coaching.

Coaching is what makes all the difference.

Again, you can try to figure stuff out or your own and chances are that if you’re committed, you will make progress.

But, NOTHING will accelerate you getting to the next level like having proper coaching.

What top athlete doesn’t have a great coach to advance them to new levels?

No one I can think of.

Getting to the next level in training (or anything for that matter) is about having proper coaching to get you to where you want to be.


For me, attending seminars and workshops has been the “difference maker” through the years.

I realized that attending “live” events is a simple and time efficient way to accelerate my learning and progress faster than anything else.

If you want to take your training to the next level, check out the Kettlebell Performance Seminar coming this September in South Florida. There are limited spaces, so register before they’re gone. Click here for all the information.

There are many opportunities to have a great coach to help you, especially when “online” learning and coaching opportunities are available today.

No matter where you are in the journey – finding a coach can make you better and take you to that next level.

Coaching is the fastest and best way to accelerate your progress.

Do what you have to do – to get to the next level.

And, if you don’t have a coach – find one.

Again, we all need a coach.

If Dan John needs one, then so do you.

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