08 Jun You Are An Athlete.

OlyAthleteYou are an athlete.

It’s important you understand this and I’ll tell you why.

First, you need to know the definition of an athlete.

Athlete (n):

“A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.”

My feeling is that if you’re reading this right now, then you almost definitely engage in exercise on a consistent basis.

If that’s true, you are an athlete.

Keep in mind, there are also competitive athletes.

Competitive athletes participate in competition, but even if you don’t “compete” you still have to think of yourself as the athlete that you are.

An athlete engages in regular physical activity.

An athlete is proficient in some form of physical activity.

If you meet that criteria, you are an athlete, so start thinking and behaving like one.

Athletes train hard.

They also know what they’re training for and go after it relentlessly.

They know the ONE BIG THING they want.

A competitive athlete has one objective: to win.

They also want to be at their best.

YOU need to adopt this way of thinking if you haven’t already.

Give yourself credit and understand what you are.

Even if you’re not competing, find the ONE THING you want and just go for it.

But, you gotta know that ONE THING otherwise, what are you training for?

If you don’t know what you’re training for, how will you get there?

If there’s no goal, there’s no outcome, but I know you know that.

With that said, what is your primary goal?

What exactly do you want?

Maybe you want to continue to move closer to your physical potential (which translates into so many other areas of life, by the way).

Maybe you do want to compete in an athletic event, deadlift 400 pounds, or press half your bodyweight.

Maybe you want an advanced fitness certification (the StrongFirst, RKC, or USAW certs, for example).

Or, maybe you want to achieve a specific body comp or bodyweight outcome (12% body fat or shed 10 to 20 pounds).

Whatever it is, identify the ONE BIG thing you really want and go after it with all out passion and commitment.

Again, competitive athletes know EXACTLY what they want, they want to win.

Here’s 12 simple, but important questions to ask yourself right now:

  1. What exactly do you want?  (Write out the things you really want)
  2. What’s the ONE BIG THING you’re trying to achieve? (Keep it real)
  3. Why do you want it? (Important to understand ‘the why’)
  4. Can you measure it?  Will you measure it?
  5. Can you fully commit to doing everything to achieve that goal? (Y/N and be honest)
  6. When do you want to achieve that goal?  (Be aggressive, but don’t live in ‘fantasyland’ either)
  7. How will you know when you achieve it?
  8. What are the barriers standing in your way?  What will you do to overcome those barriers?
  9. Who else can help you achieve your goals?  
  10. What else do you need so that nothing stands in your way?
  11. How will you achieve the ONE BIG THING? (What is your specific plan to get the result you want?)
  12. What will you do when you reach that goal? (What will you have accomplished by reaching your goal, what will it mean for you)

These are very specific and will help you gain clarity, if you answer them.

To make sure that you do, I created something for you.

Here’s a free PDF download of the 12 critical questions to save and print out.

You should at least be able to answer these questions in your head.

Since you have adopted the mindset of the athlete, you will be able to use these questions to GET REALLY CLEAR and laser focus on your outcome.

Remember, a common mistake that the “average” person makes is NOT being clear on what they want.

You are not average.

You are a frickin’ athlete.  

And, you are a badass…

I believe that.  Do you?


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