04 May Dr. Zach Long – Strength And Performance Meets Physical Therapy

(#172) Dr. Zach Long, Founder of The Barbell Physio, is this week’s guest on the podcast. He joins the show to talk about strength and performance as it relates to his approach as a physical therapist.

Zach is a Doctor of physical therapy, strength and conditioning coach, mobility expert, and Founder of The Barbell Physio. He specializes in improving athletic performance and injury rehabilitation of athletes of all skill levels. His expertise is sought out by high-level athletes in Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, professional bodybuilding, the NFL, and elite runners and swimmers.

In this episode, Zach teaches you how to break down movement and identify limitations to achieve maximal results.

During our discussion, we talk about the future of physical therapy, injury prevention, programming, rehab tools, mobility exercises, and many more awesome topics. This dynamic interview is loaded with solid advice and resources that are going to SERIOUSLY help you optimize your movement, so you can perform better and improve your health!  

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • Zach explains his journey to becoming a Physical Therapist
  • The future of physical therapy – where strength & conditioning meets injury prevention
  • Zach reveals the BEST rehab tool you can have in your arsenal as a physical therapist
  • Adapting to your clients needs and seeing how they move under the bar
  • The benefits of “Landmine Exercises”
  • Hear what Zach recommends for improved hip mobility, motor control, and core stability
  • The importance of proper technique
  • Find out what’s causing the most common injuries
  • Why just because a muscle can be stretched, doesn’t mean it’s tight!
  • Why you should be pinpointing specific mobility limitations
  • The #1 thing you can do to prevent mobility issues and injury
  • Active range of motion vs. passive tension
  • Learn how to avoid corrective exercises that aren’t doing you any good!
  • The stability, mobility, and motor control discussion…
  • The top 4 rehab professionals that have influenced Zach the most
  • Why you NEED to separate yourself from others as a physical therapist
  • The 5 training tips and insights you wish you knew!
  • Should you get someone else to take over your programming?
  • The MAJOR impact of outsourcing your programming
  • Discover the 3 most important exercises for better movement
  • Find out what is limiting your performance in the squat!
  • How to find someone who can help you break down your movement and identify limitations
  • Learn about the upcoming Global Performance Summit (see below)
  • And so much more…

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