20 May Dr. Chris Hardy And Marty Gallagher Discuss Strong Medicine

(#120) Dr. Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher are the featured guests this week on the show and they share “breakthrough content” from their NEW book, Strong Medicine.

Dr. Chris Hardy is an emerging leader in public health with expertise in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and clinical and preventative medicine.

He is a board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and has a unique and extensive background.

Marty Gallagher is the author of The Purposeful Primitive and is a highly accomplished fitness writer with over 1,000 published articles.

He’s also a top level competitor and coach to elite powerlifters such as Kirk Karwoski and Ed Coan, among others.

This is a fantastic interview and their NEW book, Strong Medicine is amazing.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn about this week in an amazing interview:

  • How they came togehter to write this amazing book
  • The story how this book came to be
  • Hear about the book writing process – how they wrote it
  • What “gaps” Strong Medicine addresses
  • My own perspective on why this book is so unique
  • What is the main message of this book
  • Who this book is for (and why the approach works)
  • The devastating impact of chronic stress
  • How to effectivey overcome chronic stress
  • Understand stress and the brain
  • How to evaluate overtraining (and overreaching)
  • Marty’s philosophy on “planned layoffs”
  • Understand the problems “overflowing stress cup”
  • Sleep issues (and how to fix them)
  • How to set yourself up for better sleep
  • The devastating consequences of lack of sleep
  • Hear about Marty’s daily “success rituals”
  • What Dr. Hardy does each day to manage stress
  • Defining “gut health” and the role in optimal health
  • The #1 enemy to gut health
  • Is good heath all about insulin response?
  • Why fats still get a bad wrap
  • Understanding the different types of saturated fats
  • The problems with research and saturated fats
  • Food sources and fats – why this is so important
  • The secret to eating high quality, nutriton dense food
  • Counting calories, is it sustainable?
  • The truth about the calorie counting debate
  • The Srong Medicine exercise approach (and why)
  • How they approach “cardio” training
  • The smart approach to exercise progression
  • The critical importance of exercise technique
  • Squat or Deadlift? Marty’s take..
  • The key to great deadlift technique
  • Why Sumo style deadlift is optimal to start with
  • The best advice they ever got…
  • Great closing advice to consider after hearing the interview
  • Why strong changes everything

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